Top 12 Evidence That Paparazzi Are The Worst People In Humanity

If you are currently thinking of a professional retraining and you have a total lack of honor, race and morals you can totally consider becoming a paparazzi, but keep in mind that it is the one of the least ethical professions in the world. Do you think we are exaggerating? We’ll give you a few reasons to really hate them.

1. Because basically their job is just to steal moments of life from famous people

If we recap for two seconds, their job is to take photos of celebrities who didn’t ask for anything and are trying to live their lives to sell them to newspapers that have even less race than them and make a buck. It really has to be a vocation to pass for a bastard in the eyes of the world.

2. They allow themselves to hit fans on the pretext that they are “doing their job”

Recently a paparazzi completely freaked out by punching a Zendaya fan and yelling at him and chasing him away on the pretext that he was doing his job. Ok he was working, but on the one hand a street is a public space and above all his job is not to save lives, just to take pictures of people we see in films.

3. Because they have trials every two weeks

And the only other people who have lawsuits so often are politicians, it gives you an idea of ​​where the paparazzi are on the scale of humanity.

4. Because it’s more or less their fault that Lady Di is dead

Whether you condone taking photos of celebrities without their agent permission or not, we can all agree that the fact that it costs someone’s life is downright unfortunate. Suddenly the whole profession suffers from the very disgusting image of what happened that day.

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Credits photo (CC BY-SA 2.0) : John Mathew Smith & from Laurel Maryland, USA (Archived link)

5. Because there is a law that prohibits them from approaching celebrity children

On the one hand it means that it’s one of the only trades where a law exists to prevent a type of worker from approaching certain children but it also means that there were people with so little race to make money off the backs of children so that we get to the point of making a law that prohibits the practice. It’s not famous.

6. Because they break into people’s homes uninvited

They climb walls, camp for hours in front of a door, sneak in where they’re not allowed to go and use people’s fridges for free just to take a stupid picture, and that has to be cease.

7. Because they have running boards, and that’s really creepy

Few trades require the use of running boards, and you may not know it, but it is because basically a law prohibits the use of these devilish objects responsible for far too many accidents.

8. Because the Paparazzi movie sucks

When the only movie that talks about your job is so bad it’s because there was really nothing to say about your profession. Well, then there’s Vincent Lindon in it and I like Vincent Lindon, but I’m sure if you ask him he’ll say that the paparazzi are all motherfuckers.

9. Because it’s a misogynistic job

Do you know how many female paparazzi there are in the world? Of them. Murielle and Francine Goudret, two sisters who do it out of passion. But no kidding, it’s too masculine a job that stinks of testosterone and hurts people.

10. Because their camera lenses are way too long

You won’t take my mind off the idea that guys walking around with their cameras and playing who has the biggest goal really makes a guy with stuff to make up for, the worst category of men on earth.

11. Because they buy super expensive gear to take disgusting photos.

Had to start there: how do you justify the fact that these people slam 6000 bullets into a camera to sell such disgusting images to newspapers? It’s blurry, it’s badly framed and it looks like in their photos of Michèle Bernier it’s my aunt. Good must say that she looks like him.

12. Because in real life we ​​don’t care what the stars are doing

Does it really change your life to know that Sophie Marceau is on vacation in the Ardennes or that Beyoncé ate at a McDo? Nah, because it’s not even information that they do, it has no informative value, it’s just stealing private and often useless moments from people you don’t know. Plus people look happier when they agree to take a picture, like Tom Cruise with his chair.

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