Top 12 Celebrities You Only Know Old When They Were Young

We get up one morning with our mind clouded by an existential question and no one can answer us, not even our cat who tries once again to make us understand that the only real interest he has in us is our ability to fill his bowl with kibble. This morning was one of those mornings, and the basic question was “what did Morgan Freeman look like when he was young?” and an answer had to be found there. So we decided to show you some pictures of these celebrities that we always knew were old when they were young and I warn you it sucks.

1. Morgan Freeman

Well, it looked like this. Pretty little face I can tell you, we already wanted to give him all our trust and tell us stories.

2. Louis De Funes

It’s a bit stricter when young, but that’s what I call slicked-back hair. Little fluff of mustache and all, sacred class the Louis.

3. Michel Drucker

THE SAME. He hasn’t aged a bit, I know the valve is as old as him, but if we’re serious for two minutes, how does he manage to stay young for so long while being old?

4. Ian McKellen

Before being Gandalf and Magneto he had made a lot of films but he had also been young. And that’s really a good face, there’s almost a little more classy Mick Jagger side.

5. Christopher Walken

LOOK AT THE DAMN how handsome he is. Damn look, he was not yet old and creepy like in his creepy old roles, or old and a bit enigmatic like in his enigmatic old roles. Damn actor.

6. Charlotte Rampling

Before being called Madame Charlotte Rampling she was called exactly the same but was younger. She had a great look and nice glasses, as well as a way of her own to look natural while leaning on a car.

7. Albert Einstein

“A great scientist must above all have a nice mustache” said Nikola Tesla, or at least I imagine he could have said so, because it suited him as well as Einstein who had a pretty little face.

8. Christopher Lloyd

It’s hard to imagine him in any role other than Doc in Back to the future or the wicked in Roger Rabbit (which was basically the sequel to another film) and therefore difficult to imagine him young, and yet here he is, with his little head of ideal son-in-law.

9. Clint Eastwood

Well he has class, but still he is really patriotic on the right and I always find it a little creepy when people are very patriotic on the right. Apart from that he has a sick career and a hell of a haircut, you can’t take it away from him.

10. Judi Dench

Do not believe that the Judi made a career only when she was old and if you have seen some former James Bonds you know that she was already young. Here is her pretty little face at the time, and she was already a great actress with a hell of an accent.

11. Pope Francis

It’s rare to see a young Pope, in any case in my lifetime it hasn’t happened, but we can at least find photos of them in their heyday, and look at this smile of Pope Francis, we would give him the Good God without confessions. It confesses a Pope elsewhere?

12. Father Fouras of Fort Boyard

There are plenty of secrets about Fort Boyard but the most amazing of all is what Father Fouras looked like when he was young and I want to tell you that damn it, the old man was handsome.

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