Top 12 books that we don’t understand weren’t adapted for the cinema

Cinema and television are extremely often inspired by novels, comics and other literary works to portray a pre-existing story. It can work well, even when the adaptations change a lot of stuff and sometimes it also gives huge crap that readers gossip about, yelling “yeah the book was really better” while throwing their bucket of popcorn on the screen . In short, we decided today to talk about several works of which we do not understand why they have never been adapted.

1. L’assassin Royal

A saga considered one of the best of the medieval-fantasy genre with a slew of books and a complex universe. Yet despite millions of copies sold around the world still no film or series, while the genre has been in vogue for a few years thanks (among other things) to the series Game of thrones or The witcher.

2. The Bourbon Kid saga

It’s been ten brothel books, and still no news of the adaptation of the Santa Montega saga, which is starting to slowly piss off as they say. Especially since the rights were bought a bunch of years ago so it’s time to make a series on it.

3. The dawn of time

Why hasn’t anyone adapted this Barjavel masterpiece yet when the story is great and there’s clearly enough to make a fucking movie? No idea, yet a good SF script from our country can’t be refused, but no, French productions prefer to produce five films What the hell have we done.

4. The Cycle of the Gods

A good Bernard Werber who shows us Gods going to school to literally learn how to manage a civilization by making sure that everyone doesn’t die. It’s pretty well thought out and would make a good trilogy so don’t hesitate producers.

5. Mountains of Madness

And why not a film (a real one) inspired by the writings of Lovecraft, because it could give a real rather creepy, gripping and interesting thing. There are so many works inspired by it and yet still no real dark and disturbing adaptation with this big bastard from Cthulhu.

630px spawn of the stars by sofyan syarief
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6. Blacksad

A good, very dark comic with a detective cat who is very classy, ​​it would necessarily make an excellent animated film, no doubt about it because the universe is cool, the characters classy and the story frankly gripping (especially the two first volumes).

7. The Elric Cycle

This saga ofHeroic Fantasy literally inspired The Witcher and yet it doesn’t get as much visibility. The hero is super classy, ​​has a complex story and his adventures deserve a good series that would be both epic and gripping.

8. Transmetropolitan

A comic that must be read and adapted urgently, with a main journalist character in a cyberpunk universe. It’s funny, touching, shocking and it’s a good critique of the United States and the political system. In short, it would be a great thing.

9. The Whisperer Saga

This famous saga by Donato Carrisi which has four novels could make an EXCELLENT series, or four films. We follow Mila Vasquez, an investigator who tracks down a creepy killer between several cases that seem linked. I recommend it to you. There’s even a book trailer, a concept I had never seen.

10. Tender is the flesh

A post-apocalyptic world in which animals have disappeared and where men legalize cannibalism. It’s very Green Sun but more edgy and gory and it could give a very good trashy adult series.

11. The Backwind Horde

Even if we still haven’t had the second part of the diptych, we could already adapt this first part, maybe that would motivate the author to do the second volume (sivouplé). Either way, it would definitely make a great movie.

12. Fables

All the characters of the fables that you know live in New York after having fled their magic world and they try to adapt to the life of humans. It’s a really cool comic that could give an excellent series, even in animation (which had been planned and then abandoned).

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