Top 12 Biggest Life Traps People Fall Into

Life is a long game strewn with lots of big traps. Some are easy to avoid, like when a friend offers to invest 30,000 bucks in his project to sell self-washing briefs, but others are slightly more subtle and can turn your life into an ordeal. Don’t hurt yourself, don’t do like everyone else, and avoid them skillfully.

1. Staying with someone toxic for fear of being alone

Kind of someone who eats the crust of his pizza first before eating the rest. No, seriously, we are talking about very toxic people who would be better avoided, but who we sometimes stay with because we think that it is always better than being solo. It’s hard not to fall into this trap, but once you’ve done it and got out of it, you’re better equipped for the rest of your life. It’s nice.

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2. Wait until retirement to do cool stuff

While you can die before taking a bus or nabbing a tourista from hell. Life is too short not to have fun right away.

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3. Sticking to your opinions

And believe that if we thought “A” one day then we must think “A” all our life. The smartest people are those who know how to change their minds, just as the cleanest people are those who know how to change their clothes.

4. Subscribe to stuff

When you combine all the subscriptions, you quickly find yourself with 100 balls taken each month, and not enough dough to buy tissues to cry on.

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5. Believing that we have specific goals to achieve at such and such a time in our lives

No, you don’t have to be a homeowner before 30, married before 32 and a parent before 34 to be happy. This rule is not listed anywhere (and I looked hard).

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6. Try at all costs to stay on good terms with your family because “it’s family”

Sometimes, apart from blood and unpleasant looking physical features, you have nothing in common.

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7. Drugs

It’s a damned con trap in the idea that it is particularly pleasant at first then strongly unpleasant in a second time which lasts much longer than the first time. You understand ?

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8. Not daring to change your tail when your tail does not advance

We’ve all heard someone say that you should never change queues because the queue you’re leaving will start moving once you get out of it. BUT IT’S WRONG. Don’t be fooled by these bullshit urban legends. You can leave a line for the next one if you see that the next one is going faster. Most of the time, it’s a choice you won’t regret.

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9. Adopt an animal on a whim

And especially a dog. Lots of people are persuaded to know how to take care of an animal, then they realize that it takes a lot of time, energy and money. And they end up wanting to get rid of it. Poor beasts.

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10. Buy supplements all the time

Attention, they are sometimes of interest, especially when it is a doctor who has prescribed them to you, but we also take them too often by self-diagnosing ourselves as idiots. Leave the diagnoses to people whose job it is after all.

11. Make kids

A lot of people regret having had children, but it’s super taboo to talk about it. And as it’s taboo, we don’t warn young people enough: having children can be the most beautiful thing in the world as well as the worst thing that can happen to you. Think about it well.

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12. Throw away yogurts when the expiration date has passed

So that they are good for at least two more weeks afterwards. Everyone should know that. You would know if you had read the top food questions.

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