Top 12 biggest bad moments on TV in 2022

It’s another great year coming to an end (no), and I decided it was time to wrap it all up (which will save me from thinking about my too many failures in 2022). Let’s start with something as embarrassing as this introduction where I only belittle myself: television discomfort. With each new revolution of the Earth around the Sun its new batch of embarrassing, disturbing or even completely painful moments to watch. And all of this happened live in this little black box called TV. Isn’t life beautiful? (Still not no).

1. This SLAM candidate who answered “Stranger” when asked “Animal that lives among us”

Inevitably, it weighs down the atmosphere a bit (especially if you don’t vote far-right).

2. The RN girl who didn’t understand the question

And ask to cut a part of the show while this show is live, well it’s complicated.

3. Jean and Laurence’s kiss in Love is In the Meadow

One of the most beautiful clogs on TV with, in the background, Jean’s other suitor who realizes that she will not continue the adventure with him. A little sad though.

4. Yanis Marshall at the NRJ Music Awards

The dance teacher from Star Ac’ was a bit on the loose. Angèle and Aya Nakamura will remember this.

5. Alexandra Pizzagali on Télématin who completely messed up her column

Between teleprompter issues and totally screwed up jokes, it was hard to watch. Come on, let’s swing the pub to cut this shipwreck.

6. Gérard Majax and the Romanians on the set of C à vous

We liked him in the role of the magician, but a little less in that of the racist grandpa.

7. Journalist Djamel Mazi who asks a disabled girl what her wildest dream is

The answer “well walk” knocked him out for 2 seconds but he recovered well I admit.

8. The sports journalist Jacques Vendroux on CNews who tells us about Qatar

In Qatar there are a lot of mosques…well yeah, and in our country there are a lot of churches.

9. This gentleman who made Ruth Elkrief stutter when he told her about his job

I shiver in unease.

10. This RN lady in PLS

The only word she manages to say is “immigration”, it’s serious all the same.

11. When the Minister of Foreign Affairs thought she was being asked what the weather was like in Kyiv

Hence the importance of learning that certain words can have several meanings, such as “climate” for example.

12. Doctor Brigitte Milhau who says that coke is nice in small doses on the set of CNews

Oh okay, we’ll tell the kids that then.

The discomfort is too strong, call a doctor.

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