Top 12 best tweets about picnics, the cheap fun of summer

When it’s summer but you don’t want to pay 16 bucks for your warm goat’s cheese salad to be able to spend the afternoon on the terrace, we organize picnics. All you need is a traditional baguette, St Moret and cherry tomatoes to have a good time in the park fighting with ants, wasps and children yelling as if we were at the sausage fair. It’s nice in the summer though…

1. Not the sharpest knife…

2. We started eating on the bus at 8 a.m.

3. They said to themselves “a Heineken is still abused”

4. We dreamed of it 3 days in advance

5. It’s already a lot of sport

6. The bourges du Marais who go to the park with their flutes of champagne

7. It’s also a beautiful evening

9. Love at first sight

10. They looked for it

11. Thanks for the culture

12. Always complaining…

Have a picnic, friends!

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