Top 12 Best Movies Starring Bruce Willis We Will Miss Him

The news fell like a partially drunk man falls from his bicycle: Bruce Willis stops his career for health reasons. A man we loved to see in a host of roles and who marked our childhood, our adolescence and our adult life. So yes, he sometimes played around badly and no, not all of his roles were incredible, but he still remains one of the most emblematic actors of American cinema of the 90s and one of the men who made the more good to the bald. We invite you to remember some of his best films, or very bad ones in which we still like him.

1. Die Hard: the most emblematic

Yes there was the fourth part which was not incredible and especially the fifth which we will not talk about otherwise it automatically spins the shit but the initial trilogy is INCREDIBLE. Seeing John McClane blow up the faces of barefoot German terrorists in a tower on Christmas Eve is simply the best thing in the world, even if that movie screwed up his life by making him half deaf.

2. The army of the 12 monkeys: the most enigmatic

Yeah he comes in 2nd place, he’s my top so I do what I want. This movie is great, the script, the atmosphere, the role of Brad Pitt and everything else. Plus Bruce Willis is pretty good at it, which isn’t always the case if we’re being totally honest. But we love him all the same, as we love his child who is a little stupid.

3. Sixth Sense: the more that is a little scary

His role as a somewhat lost psychiatrist, his marriage that goes off the rails, his affection for this terrified little child and his discovery little by little of the truth: all this gives the most spoiled film of all time which, moreover, has some inconsistencies BUT IT WILL LET IT GO BECAUSE IT’S A GOOD FILM.

4. Pulp Fiction: the most Palme d’or

And what better role than that of this lost boxer who loves his wife but often prefers his old watch that smells of the old ass given to him by his father. A golden role in a totally cult film and I’m sure you don’t know a lot about Pulp fiction.

5. Death suits you so well: the most unfairly misunderstood

A film generally forgotten in his filmography, it is nonetheless very cool and sees Bruce Willis as a loser who keeps changing women. Well, that’s not the best summary you can make of a movie, but I assure you it’s very cool, even if I sell it as well as a used car without a roof and without wheels.

6. The fifth element: the most French

Look at this incredible flow of a futuristic taxi driver who smokes tiny cigarettes, it’s mega class. Special effects worthy of your worst nightmare and actors who all seem to play very badly out of sheer professionalism, a real treat.

7. Unbreakable: the most superhero

Making a superhero film at a time when it wasn’t yet fashionable was tricky, especially since we’re far from today’s standards in terms of action scenes. But he is like that Bruce, always ready to take risks. Avant-garde all the way, like when he decided to shave his head when hair was super fashionable.

8. Looper: the more “what’s going on?”

A good SF film as only he knows how to do where he hunts himself in the past. Even if no one can play young Bruce Willis (not even Joseph Gordon Levitt) it’s clearly still one of his best films of the last twelve years, no offense to fans of Glass (and apparently there are).

9. Sin City: Most Tortured Cop

What’s classier than Bruce Willis? Bruce Willis shooting a pedophile’s family jewels, frankly, there’s nothing better. If you still haven’t seen this movie you better fix it and question yourself, it’s probably not the only thing you messed up in your life.

10. Four Rooms: the most anything

Ok, he only appears for a few minutes in this four-part film (of which the last two are the best) but he clearly does the job as a producer on coke ready to make a completely stupid bet. You have to see this movie, even if the first part is a bit lame.

11. Armageddon: the most shitty movie we like

Remember when Bruce Willis says goodbye with a single tear rolling down his cheeks and bringing as much emotion to the screen as an abandoned bicycle fender on a sidewalk? It’s incredible it’s so badly acted, and that’s why it’s cult, it’s even one of the moments where we laugh in a not funny film.

12. My neighbor the killer: the most “I’m funny too”

Yeah it’s not amazing and no it’s not one of his twelve best films but it had to put a little comedy in there and it’s always good to talk about Matthew Perry, because he’s a cool guy.

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