Top 12 Best Fan Theories About Season 4 Of Stranger Things

We are eagerly awaiting the last two episodes of Stranger Things but since they will not be released until next month, we are content with many fan theories. By searching everywhere on the web and in our overflowing imagination, we found lots of more or less hazy theories about the rest of the series. Watch your eyes, you will hallucinate.

1. The guidance counselor plays a more important role than you think

Vecna ​​uses the past traumas of his victims to terrorize them before killing them and who do the students talk to about their traumas? To the high school psychologist. We already know that Chrissy and Max were going to see her, it is not impossible that Fred and Patrick also confided in Miss Kelley. Who knows if she is not in fact controlled by the mind flayer? The watch-shaped pendant, which looks a lot like a clock, might be a clue. Or not.

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2. Eddie would be number 10, the boy who warns Brenner of the laboratory massacre

When Eddie chats with Chrissy, he mentions that he had zero balls in middle school. This detail alone was enough to spawn theories about Eddie’s childhood. Would he have stayed in Hawkins’ laboratory? Could he be Ten, the only child whose death is uncertain (he could have just been knocked out) after the massacre at the laboratory. In any case, the dates match: If Ten was around 13 in 1979, he would be 20 in the present in 1986; just like Eddie who repeated twice. What’s more, we don’t know Eddie’s parents and we don’t know how long he has been living with his uncle.

3. Steve will die sacrificing himself to save everyone

One of the main characters will necessarily die at the end of season 4, it’s starting to do well that only new characters die. We didn’t really care if Bob or Billy died, we need tears now. Seeing the evolution of Steve’s character, many of us think that he might die soon. His bromance with Dustin which withers because of his new friendship with Eddie, the flame which rekindles with Nancy… without really knowing why, we feel that Steve is going to sacrifice himself for everyone and die a hero. A bit like Billy but better.

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4. Eddie is going to save Nancy by playing his favorite song in the Upside Down

In the Season 4 trailer, Eddie can be seen playing guitar in the Upside Down, climbed onto his mobile home. As Nancy is stuck in the dimension of Vecna, we can think that Eddie will finally stop fleeing and decide to save people: he will return to the Upside Down to play Nancy’s favorite song and thus free her.

5. Will is going to be the one to lead his friends to their doom

In an interview with the actors, they are asked to tease the rest of the series in a nutshell. Caleb McLaughlin who plays Lucas Sinclair answers the word “traitor” and we wonder who he is talking about. Some think it could be Will who is actually still tied to the Mind Flayer. Certain elements lend credence to this theory: we know that light is the link between the two universes but the objects themselves do not appear. So how did Will see Joyce’s alphabet on the wall in Season 1? It’s possible that Vecna ​​deliberately let Will be saved so that he would take a piece of the Mind Flayer with him in his mind. Vecna ​​wouldn’t have let Will survive for no reason, obviously he could find him in his cabin in the woods.

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6. Was the mind flayer created by Vecna ​​or did he choose One to become Vecna?

Like Dustin said, chances are the Upside Down has been around for a very long time and so has the Mind Flayer. This would mean that the latter chose Henry Creel to become Vecna ​​when he was still a child, perhaps because of his passion for spiders (the mind flayer has a spider form) and his hatred humans. It can also be the other way around: the Upside Down could have been created by Henry Creel, consciously or not, at the time of his exile sentence by Eleven. He would then have created the mind flayer by giving it the form of a spider, his fetish animal.

Stranger things saison 4 comment mind flayer pourrait il renaitre

7. Sara Hopper resided and died at Hawkins Lab.

We’ve already seen the stairs that Eleven runs down to escape from the lab, but where? In Hopper’s memories. Indeed, it is on these same stairs that Jim cries after the death of his daughter. Actor David Harbor confirmed that it was indeed the same place, so that means Sara died in Hawkins’ lab and not in the hospital. The question is why was she there? Maybe the Agent Orange that probably caused Sara’s cancer also gave her superpowers…

Hopper crying
Eleven running

8. Vecna ​​and his minions fear water even more than fire

We know that Demogorgons fear fire, but what about water? Strangely, there is no water anywhere in the Upside Down. The lake is dry, the pool is empty and all the plants seem to be in bad shape. Perhaps water is even more dangerous to the creatures of Vecna ​​than any other weapon.

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9. Vecna ​​lets Max go because he sees Eleven in his memories

For the moment, all the characters seem to be convinced that it is the music that can save the victims of Vecna ​​and it is because of this music that Henry Creel would have fainted before killing his father. What if it wasn’t? Henry Creel probably just passed out from exhaustion as Vecna ​​himself said. So why did he let Max go? He may have been unsettled to see Eleven, his greatest enemy, in Max’s memories.

Stranger things saison 4 sadie sink max revelations grande

10. The Upside Down’s appearance changes depending on which victim Vecna ​​chooses

We thought the Upside Down was just a creepy version of Hawkins, but in season 4, we realize it’s much more complicated than that. When Nancy and the others go to the Upside Down, the gang thinks the place is frozen to the date of Will’s disappearance. In fact, it would make more sense for the factor to be Barb’s disappearance. When Nancy dives into the Upside Down, Vecna ​​already knows she will be her next victim and so the place is forged for her, based on her trauma.

We know that the Upside Down is not fixed on the date of November 6, 1983 for everyone since Will sees the decorations of the ballroom in the Upside Down at the end of season 2. As Will is still experiencing his trauma at the time, the Upside Down is adjusting to the present for him. When it’s Max’s turn to arrive in the Upside Down, she comes face to face with her brother, her own trauma.

Mind flayer snowball

11. Eleven is the only one born with powers

We don’t know how Henry Creel inherited her powers, but we do know why Eleven is special. The young girl was taken from her mother directly after her birth because Doctor Brenner knew that Terry Ives’ child was going to have special abilities. While Terry was pregnant with Jane, she was a test subject for the CIA and was given many drugs that gave her powers, we know this because we saw her fiddling with her TV and bleeding from her nose in season 2 .

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12. BONUS THEORY: Will’s painting depicts him having sex with Mike

It would be funny though.

But seriously, we can’t wait to find out what this fucking painting represents because it looks so important.

Stranger things 4 will painting

There is another question that arises: the massacre of the laboratory takes place in 1979 but Eleven does not meet the boys until 1983. So what happened to Eleven during these four years? We leave you to ponder on that…

If you want to know more about the new season and its secrets, you can revel in the hidden details in Stranger Things Season 4. There’s bound to be a lot of stuff you haven’t seen.

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