Top 12 athletes who are victims of their entourage, not nice nice

Imagine that your son is Mbappé and that he earns more than 1 million per month when he is only 23 years old, well you will necessarily want to take advantage of it a little. Don’t be offended, I can already see you coming with your saintly airs while stealing your little brother’s snack by accusing the dog.

Here are some athletes who were not really well surrounded and who were taken in by their own agents and / or family (not cool).

1. Yohan Mollo was scammed by his agents

A fairly classic pattern, the former St-Etienne player Yohan Mollo realized years later that he was being taken in by his two agents. He explains that he only realized the scam 11 years later, so that’s a lot of money (between 10 and 15 million, the player estimates).

For this, the process was quite simple: exorbitant commissions, part of the player’s salary which went directly to them, and above all a lot of lies. Yeah it hurts the butt.

2. Kimpembe’s father who allegedly defrauded someone close to him for 30,000

The story is a little complicated and we’re not even sure we’ve got it all, but apparently Kimpembe’s father is accused of having swindled €30,000 from one of his friends (great dude), and assured him to repay this amount with his son’s money. This case was brought to light on Julien Courbet’s program “It can happen to you”, when the friend in question came forward to denounce these facts. Yes we agree with you, there’s nothing that goes into the story.

3. Ludovic Giuly was defrauded by Sportinvest

It’s not really about his close entourage, but what is certain is that Ludovic Giuly will no longer trust wealth management advisers very quickly (and we understand that). Only a few months ago, the former footballer would have contacted his bank to obtain a loan to buy a property, however, he is told that it is impossible because he has collateral, of which he was not aware.

In 2016, Giuly learns with astonishment that he has exceeded his legal debt limit, and that it is not possible for him to take out a loan. Eventually he will eventually understand that this is due to the wealth management company Sportinvest, which has made a lot of money on his back. The products that the company advised him to buy brought them large commissions, which Giuly paid out of pocket, for example. In short, a nice scam of which he was the victim, and which caused him to lose several million. Anyway, you should never trust the banks, you might as well keep everything in a safe, I’m telling you.

4. Kanté and the fraud on the part of his image agent

Footballers are chickens with golden eggs, and it must be said that the agents have understood this well. The young player then filed a complaint with the Paris prosecutor’s office, for attempted fraud and breach of trust.

After barely a year of collaboration, Kanté wanted to end the lease that bound him with his image agent, however, the latter asked him for 300,000 euros to terminate his contract, yes, that’s a lot. In the end, both of them went to court, and Kanté will say very clearly to the media “I’m nice, but I know what I want”.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo took three years to realize that his credit card had been scammed

And that’s where we see that when you have a salary of several million a month and 46 credit cards, it takes a little time to realize that there’s a guy behind who buys PS4s and big Nikes with our pennies. CR7 took three years to realize that his credit card had been hacked, and he would have lost around 300,000 euros (a baguette for him). Not very gifted the Ronaldo.

In fact, it was a Portuguese travel agency that invoiced more than 200 trips, and then poured the money directly into its pockets afterwards. Not dumb.

6. Cédric Hengbart, another enarque from his wealth manager

And not to deviate from the rule, yet another former footballer victim of his wealth manager. At the end of his career, the former player wanted to resell property, to cushion the inevitable drop in his salary, and it was there that he realized that the properties he had bought were impossible. to resell because they were unsanitary, not renovated, and that the money for the work had gone to oblivion (in the pockets of the agency in this case)

Well, Hengbart felt ashamed and took a long time to talk about this story, but he finally decided to make it public, and especially to start legal proceedings. That’s why when you buy a property, it’s still better to visit it and check the progress of the work, but hey, we’re not going to say anything.

7. Emmanuel Eboué who lost everything “because” of his ex-wife

Eboué who was in the Ivory Coast national team, who had participated in two Africa Cup of Nations finals and who played for the Gunners, still managed to be ruined at the end of his career (no worries, he finally got away with it afterwards). A more than complicated divorce made him lose everything, his wife, his children and especially his savings and his fortune, because indeed it was his wife who managed all his money and she took everything without any scruple, leaving his ex- husband almost on the street. Eboué sank for a long time, but finally he managed to get out of it and remarried. Phew, that’s a story that ends a bit well.

8. Ladji Doucouré defrauded by his financial advisors

Because it doesn’t just happen to footballers, Doucouré was also a victim of the treachery of his financial advisers. The former 110m hurdles champion has lost everything, “I was too confident” he had declared, and we are not the ones who will say the opposite. Doucouré realized his situation when his assets began to be seized, proof that his financial advisers managed their money as they saw fit and above all said nothing about their activities to the former champion. Today Doucouré has recovered, but he clearly does not enjoy all the money he had won thanks to his medals and his titles.

9. Arantxa Sánchez Vicario, ruined by her family and betrayed by her ex-husband (a bit boring)

The former tennis champion was already in a lot of trouble because of her family to whom she had lent a lot of money and because of legal disputes that she had lost against them. After that, she is left by her husband who decides to live with another woman with whom he was cheating on her. In costly divorce proceedings, she is threatened with losing custody of her two children, in particular because of money problems. Yeah, a beautiful shitty life.

10. Adrien Rabiot, and his career disrupted by his mother

This is another type of problem, Rabiot’s mother obviously does not wish her son any harm in herself since he is also her agent and she thinks she is managing his career well. Nevertheless, Veronique Rabiot found herself in many controversies, as was the case following the defeat of France against Switzerland at Euro 2020, where Vero had argued with the Pogba families (blaming them for the Paul Pogba’s loss of the ball leading to Switzerland’s equalizer) and Mbappé (reproaching the player’s arrogance). In short, in terms of com, it’s not that much, and inevitably Rabiot suffers. This was the case for example the last months of the player when he was at PSG. Rabiot could not find an agreement with his former club, which led him to argue with the management. His mother of course supported him in this conflict, and Rabiot will have completed the end of his contract on the Parisian benches.

11. Emmanuel Adebayor and his family who tried to extort money from him

The former international player passed by big clubs like Monaco, Real or Arsenal, had made revelations about his family, with whom he had more than difficult relations, whether it was his mother or his brothers. His mother called him exclusively to ask him for money or services, as for his brothers, they went so far as to threaten him for his money. He has, on many occasions, hosted his brother Kola who had gone to Germany, abandoning all his family years before.

In all this affair, his only confidante was his sister Iyabo, to whom he told everything. Today Adebayor has managed to get away from his whole family and get by, and he has decided to make this whole story public by writing stories on his social networks.

12. The adultery affair between Wayne Bridge and John Terry

We go a bit out of the frame of the scam to talk about Wayne Bridge who was also finally a victim of his entourage, who I am other than John Terry his teammate. Chelsea’s teammates fell out (and that’s an understatement) because John Terry slept with his teammate’s wife, not great. And it doesn’t stop there, while Terry’s wife forgave him for his act, Wayne Bridge suffered a double jeopardy, losing custody of his son following a complicated divorce and had not been selected in the England team. Need to review his friendships Wayne.

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