Top 12 actors who told big lies, not cool at all

People lie for various reasons: to hide a truth that they dare not admit, because they are ashamed of something, because they did something stupid or to hide the fact that it was really their fault the cat fell from the second floor when I was five, I’m sick of living a lie. Anyway people lie, and actors are people, so actors lie (nice syllogism). We had already told you about these actors who lied to get a role, but here it’s a little different, it was just mytho without any real logic which sometimes shows a beautiful shitty personality.

1. Scarlett Johansson who said she would never play someone from another ethnicity

Accused of “whitewashing”, a rather disgusting Hollywood casting practice for the film Ghost in the shell the actress had stated that no, she was not playing the role of an Asian person. Except that in fact it was, and she knew it perfectly, so she declared after the film’s release that all these stories were boring, and that she could play “any person, any what tree and any animal” if she wanted. Not very open the Scarlett.

2. Angelina Jolie and her fake Native American origins

In full interview the actress had swung that she had ancestors of the Iroquois tribe and therefore Native American blood in her veins. Except that her father, actor John Voight replied that it was bullshit, which is a bit of a shame. She defended herself by saying that it was her mother who told her that, because putting the blame on someone else is always easier than admitting that we said something stupid.

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Credits photo (CC BY-SA 2.0) : Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

3. Rebel Wilson and his fake age and fake name

On a crazy day (probably a Thursday, it’s always shit on a Thursday) someone posted on the internet that actress Rebel Wilson was actually called Melanie Elizabeth Bounds and that she had no not 29 at all, but 35. It turned out to be true, and the actress later filed a lawsuit against the tabloid which had peddled the information because it had made her lose roles. But at the same time you shouldn’t lie Melanie.

4. Lindsay Lohan who said she had a miscarriage

Which was wrong on the one hand, but it’s not the only time that she has let go of big mythos for no reason, one of her specials being “nope but this drug is not mine” or “I only took coke 4 times in my life. Well it’s sad because behind the lies was obviously hiding an immense malaise and probably a call for help. But you were busy judging her rather than caring about her, you bastards.

5. Lilly Allen and her “role” in “Game of Thrones”

The problem with lying about something easily verifiable is that…well, it’s easily verifiable. Lilly Allen said in an interview that she was offered the role of Yara Greyjoy in GOT but thought the scenes would have been too incestuous because her real brother Alfie Allen was playing Theon. Except that the actor later said that it was a big myth and that she had never been considered for the role. His own brother put him to shame.

6. Jennifer Lawrence and her career break

Jennifer Lawrence wanted to play it like those actors who retire early by declaring that she wanted to take a break and stop acting to refocus. It didn’t even last a week since she told a site a few days later that she was open to proposals. Really need to draw attention to her all the time this one.

7. Robert Pattinson and his past as a hand model

For some strange reason Robert Pattinson continues to say that he was a hand model in his youth. He repeated this lie once again in 2019 despite saying in 2011 that it was bullshit. And frankly, even if it means inventing a past, couldn’t he find something classier than a hand model? What is this rotten myth.

8. Joaquin Pheonix said he was going to marry his yoga teacher.

In the middle of the show he caused a sensation by declaring at the time that he was going to marry his yoga teacher, which was a big bullshit since he confessed the next day that he just wanted the public to like him because he was shit in his life. Super sad and at the same time very strange as an anecdote, the Joaquin was probably not well.

9. Ben Affleck who did not assume his phoenix tattoo

While a tabloid posted pictures of the actor’s back with a huge phoenix tattoo, he defended himself by saying it was a tattoo for a role, only a year later another photo was unveiled with the same tattoo and he was forced to assume. For once I can tell you that having seen the famous tattoo I understand his lie.

10. Brian Dennehy and his fake military service in Vietnam

This actor that you may have seen in Dallas et Rambo had the good idea to lie for several years about the fact that he had done Vietnam (during the war, not with a tour operator). He even went so far as to say that he had been injured during the conflict, but that was all bullshit, he had been in the marines but he had never been sent to Vietnam. Not pretty pretty to lie about it.

Credits photo (CC BY 2.0) : Justin Hoch photographing for Hudson Union Society

11. Stephen Rannazzisi said he was in the Twin Towers on 9/11

This American actor and stand-upper had declared at one time (and had maintained for several years) that he was in the towers of the World Trade Center the day of the attacks and that he had survived. He had described his traumatic experience and how he fled to escape the collapsing towers. A few years later he was confronted with the truth when a reporter pointed out that the company he claimed to work for wasn’t even based in the towers. A nice piece of shit, dude.

12. Tomer Sysley

Not content with having stolen sketches from American stand-ups to perform on stage with “his” one man show, Tomer Sisley managed to make everyone believe he was an actor, and that’s really serious . It is enough to see one of his films to understand the deception and yet he remains in the cast of certain films.

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