Top 12 actors who have played several roles in a series, small screen but great actors

Some actors manage to embody different characters brilliantly from one film or series to another. But the classiest are those who manage to do it directly in the same work, like those actors who play several characters in films. We decided to talk to you today about those who do it in TV series, small screen, but big actors.

1. Mark Ruffalo – I know this much is true

Already the guy is very nice but in addition he is very talented, he becomes a little annoying as a result. In this series he plays two twin brothers with a complicated family history. Between betrayals, family secrets and a well-trimmed beard, you have a nice mini-series to watch.

2. Jeffrey Wright – Westworld

Well obviously if I start to say too much it will spoiler and it would be stupid, but basically he plays two very distinct characters in several key moments of the story. Frankly I don’t want to tell you more, watch this series and stop picking your nose, it’s not classy at all.

3. JK Simmons – Counterpart

If you want to see an (excellent) actor playing two characters who dress the same, have the same haircut and look identical BUT every time one of them speaks you know exactly which one it is you have to watch Counterpart. For JK Simmons’ performance alone, it’s to be seen.

4. Jeffrey Tambor – Arrested Development

Attention this series is funny, you are warned, even if a colleague with whom I do not agree has decided not to put it in the top of the best comic series. Jeffrey Tambor embodies George the father of this completely offbeat family, but also his brother Oscar, who is differentiated just by his haircut. Two important and recurring characters, but who are also funnier each in their own way.

5. Donald Glover – Atlanta

If you have watched the excellent series Atlanta until season 2 you’ve probably seen the extremely scary episode that we ranked in the most original series episodes in which the character of Darius meets a super creepy Michael Jackson-like musician who is played by Donald Glover. I can only advise you to watch it and put on your seat belt in the car. Nothing to see, but it’s good advice.

6. Paul Rudd – Living with Yourself

Paul Rudd plays in this series an average guy who basically decides to undergo treatment to regain control of his life. The problem is that he discovers that a clone far superior to him has replaced him in his life and that’s not super nice. A pretty cool little series with a double dose of Paul Rudd.

7. Oscar Isaac – Moon Knight

The last serial production of Marvel brings in the character of Moon Knight which is globally shared between two people, Steven and Marc. And it’s Oscar Isaac who plays both and does it very well, with a different accent because he likes to challenge himself Oscar.

8. Adam Scott – Severance

Well, technically it’s not REALLY two characters, it’s the same one who split his consciousness in two but suddenly it’s two very distinct personalities and Adam Scott is super good at it. Look at this, it was in the list of good series of 2022 and the scenario is super gripping.

9. Tatiana Malsany – Orphan Black

A woman decides to take on the identity of another who she resembles and who has just died. The problem is that there is also a story of clones of this woman in question and it kinda fucks her plan up in the air. Lots of different haircuts and dress styles, a good way to let people know there are different characters.

10. James Franco – The Deuce

This series is frankly brilliant, it’s made by David Simon, the genius behind The Wire and it’s super stylish. It talks about the world of prostitution and porn in New York in the 70s and James Franco plays two twin brothers.

11. Ewan McGregor-Fargo

Another dark story of twin brothers, so we should make a top of the actors who play twins there are so many. Anyway McGregor plays in the third season of Fargo two brothers who do not look alike at all and he is doing pretty well, even if it remains the worst season of the series.

12. The entire cast of American Horror Story

Yeah, because concretely from one season to another everyone plays a different character, even if it doesn’t really count since it’s never the same story. But in fact I have the right to put it in this top, you can’t do anything.

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