Top 12 actors we see EVERYWHERE on Netflix, hello renewal

We do not say that on Netflix, all the series are exactly the same, that would not be very nice of us and not totally true (except for Elite and Young Royals. And Outlander and Poldark). On the other hand, it is always the same actors who play in all the films and series on the platform, and after a while, it starts to show. We understand that they have more money to do other castings, but after a while, what will have to be shot?

1. Maxi Churches

Yes, he’s rather pleasing to the eye, yes it makes us squirm when we see him, but yes, we’re also tired of seeing him in all the Spanish series. Victor in Valeria, Francisco Marlango in Castamar’s cook, Alejandro in Despite everything, Dario in Toy Boy, Ovni in Ingobernable, Salvador Campodonico in Much more than a goodbye… No, but that’s fine, we don’t bother you Netflix, you you thought we weren’t going to catch that you only had one handsome Spanish actor?

2. Julia Garner

At first glance, we say to ourselves that naaaaan, Julia Garner has not played that much Netflix stuff. Well yes! She can be seen playing Anna Delvey in the recent series Inventing Anna, but also Ruth Langmore in Ozark, Claudia Gunns in The Get Down, Ellie Landsberg in Maniac and Terra Newell in Dirty John. Yeah, that makes a good Tudum CV.

3. Noah Centineo

If you haven’t watched a movie with this guy, maybe you just haven’t logged on to Netflix. Because Noah Centineo still plays Peter Kavinsky in the three parts of To all the boys I’ve loved, but also Jamey in Sierra Burgess is a loser, Brooks Rattigan in The Perfect Date and recently Owen Hendricks in The Recruit. It’s a good dive all the same.

4. Audrey Fleurot

Our French star is also one of Netflix’s little darlings (and I’m not saying that because she’s the woman of my life and I dream of putting the ring on her finger). Let’s not forget that we can still see her play Adrienne de Lenverpré in Le bazar de la charité, alongside Camille Lou and Julie de Bona who also accompany her in Les Combattantes, where she plays Marguerite De Lancastel. Even better, Audrey Fleurot also plays Zoé Chahal in Safe, Mme Oufkir in La Vraie Vie des Profs and herself in 10%. Not disgusting as a selection.

5. David Corenswet

But siiiiiii, remember! The guy who plays bg actor in the Hollywood miniseries, Jack Castello. Well, guess what, he also plays Reed in House of Cards, River Barkley in The Politician and Jake in the recent Lili Reinhart movie Life or Another. Well, we’re not going to spit in the soup because it’s always nice to see him, but let’s not abuse the good things.

6. Anya Taylor-Joy

The Queen’s Game lead actress is also recognizable as Gina Gray in Peaky Blinders, as Emma Woodhouse in Emma, ​​and as Casey Cooke in Spill. When does it actually stop??

7. Camilla Mendes

Finally, a bit like his other colleagues from Riverdale, the interpreter of Veronica Lodge has played a lot in other productions available on Netflix. She notably plays Drea Torres in the brand new comedy If you avenge me, Shelby Place in The Perfect Date (with Noah Centineo, but you knew it because you read everything correctly) and Katie in Lies and Betrayals. Well, it’s almost basic now, huh.

8. Lana Condor

You’re probably going to find it mean when it’s not at all, but Lana Condor is a bit like Netflix’s female Noah Centineo. Normal, at the same time, since she also played in the three films To all the boys that I liked. But she was also on Boo Bitch! in 2022 where she played Erika Vu. Let’s not forget that she also did the voices of Casey McGarr in Bojack Horseman and Kaoru in the animated series Rilakkuma and Kaoru.

9. Millie Bobby Brown

Of course, the Stranger Things star also plays the title character in both Enola Holmes films. But in case you missed it, we also see her playing Madison Russell in Godzilla II: Sea Monster. Millie Boby Brown here, Millie Bobby Brown there… It’s actually good! We understood that she was incredible, let us go.

10. Miguel Bernardeau

Yes, Miguel Bernardeau played “only” Guzman in Élite before taking on the role of Angel in 1889. But that’s already a lot, and anyway, I’m putting my arm to be cut with the cutter that it will be in all future Spanish Netflix. I feel it I tell you.

11. Simone Ashley

Ok, so far we’ve only seen Simone Ashley play Kate Sharma in The Bridgerton Chronicle and Olivia in Sex Education, but you’ll see, in time, she’ll be in every Netflix premiere. You will have read it here.

12. Jaime Lorente

You thought we had only seen him in La Casa de Papel as Denver and in Élite where he plays Nano Garcia Dominguez (which is already a lot, in itself). But not at all ! We can also see him playing Leon in Gun City and Marcos in Who Would You Take to a Desert Island? Definitely, Netflix has its little darlings in the Spanish actors department.

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