Top 11 things to remember from the latest episode of Married at First Sight Season 6 Episode 12

Hello little love scientists! Ready for the recap of the last episode of season 6 of Married at first sight? Good, so are we. So, last week, we left off with Cyndie who discovered that Jauffrey was living in a teenager’s apartment without a toilet, with Eddy and Jennifer still at a standstill, and with Sandy who took Alex for her personal masseur. They are the last three couples to have not yet passed the balance sheet, so now we want to know everything: will they break up or love each other for life? The answers immediately (or almost).

1. Cyndie tells her rotten date to her friend

She does the same thing we do as soon as we get out of a rotten date: she debriefs with her friend everything that was lame. The problem is that we usually do this after a simple date. There, Cyndie is married. It’s immediately a little less funny.


“And in addition I found a dozen porn magazines under his mattress”

2. Cyndie and Jauff go to the final balance sheet without ever having slept together

We know that sex isn’t everything, but confirming a marriage without even knowing if there is compatibility at this level is daring. It’s a bit like buying a house without ever having visited the floor: it can’t be done.


3. Jauff falls from above

He thought everything was going well, but just found out that Cyndie wasn’t sure she liked him at all. It hurts. But hey, man, you don’t have a toilet. You should still have suspected that it was going to end like this.


“I don’t understand, it’s very easy to shit in a litter though”

4. Alright Eddy, we react here

After slaughtering him at the bowling alley, Jennifer does not even invite him to see his apartment. While they are married. Take your time ok, we want to, but after a while you have to stop. In Eddy’s place, we would have already crossed out at least 12 times.


While waiting for Jennifer to send him a sign of life, Eddy reached level 1263 on Candy Crush

5. He is strong Pesquel

In one session, he got Jennifer and Eddy to touch more than in 3 weeks of marriage. At this level, it’s a feat. But it was still a very embarrassing moment.


Apparently Pesquel recycled his orange shirts into socks

6. Jauff and Cyndie look like your parents after 30 years of marriage

They don’t write to each other, don’t sleep together, and Jauff goes to bed before the movies are over. It doesn’t smell like mad love.


7. Sandy is hyper optimistic

Sandy: “I put 5 flowers in the bouquet because we got married on the 5th, I hope he will understand”

Absolutely no one would ever have understood Sandy’s message. It’s far too subtle for us. Besides, Alex didn’t understand either.


8. Sandy is a little touchy

Alex : “No don’t help me do the dishes, you’re my guest”


Wow calm down Sandy, that was nice actually.


9. Big statement from Jennifer

After the session with Pesquel, Jennifer launched into a big statement to tell Eddy that she would do anything to keep them happy. He is really very strong this Pesquel. Even if we don’t believe it at all.

Moreover, 5 minutes later, Jennifer has already gone back and no longer sends news to Eddy. Hey, it’s funny, we wouldn’t have guessed it.


10. It’s going to divorce on the side of Jauff and Cyndie

They were starting to snipe at each other in front of the experts and Cyndie rolled her eyes when Jauffrey was talking, so maybe it was best to split up before it started a big fight.


That’s it, Cyndie doesn’t give a fuck anymore


Alicia and Bruno are still together 6 months later. We wouldn’t have guessed…


Bruno, Alicia, and their new neighbor rents

12. Oh no you Alicia…

We’ve seen some handsome clothes this season, but boxers are not possible… Not you, Alicia, not after everything you’ve done…


The international class

13. QUOI ?

So, there is a real surprise: Jennifer and Eddy decide to stay married.

Never from never from never from never would we have believed in this end. But if not, they intend to kiss one day or it will remain the only married couple in France to never touch each other? We can’t wait to see the results of the 6 months.


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