Top 11 things to remember from the latest episode of Married at First Sight Season 6 Episode 11

1. Yet another blow for Eddy during his honeymoon with Jennifer

Eddy : “What are we doing tonight, we say good evening and then here it is? »

Jennifer : ” Yeah. »

Well, after a while, you have to know how to recognize the signs of the friendzone…

Map1 2

2. Same fight for Cyndie and Jauffrey

Cyndie before going to bed: “Tonight will have to go there, intimate relationships are important anyway”

Cyndie the next day: “We didn’t do anything, but hey, it’s true that we don’t have to have intimate relations right away…”

At least they slept well on the new mattress. It’s already that.


We feel that Cyndie is very fulfilled (no)

3. It’s the evening of romantic activities it seems

After Jennifer and Eddy go buggy, Pauline and Damien go racing on the circuit. We are in Turbo or what ?


Big car enthusiasts rejoice

4. The Emotional Elevator

Eddy’s evening started really well, with Jennifer giving him lots of compliments, taking his hand and becoming much more tactile… BUT that’s it. At the time of accompanying her to her room, Eddy ended up with a little hug in front of the door. The friendzone is always present.

Nevertheless, we would never have bet on so much patience in Eddy after seeing his portrait. The guy is strong.


That desperate look at the cameraman says it all


After burning 200 croque-monsieur, she made her very first risotto. It’s strong.

Or else Jauffrey is lying very well, and that’s nice of him.


So, do you think he liked it or not?

6. Cyndie and Eddy have to be put together

Both are disappointed with the turn their relationship is taking and want someone who knows how to move up a gear. So ok, that’s not all, but we’re sure they would have had a lot more fun together. Can’t we intervene to mix up the couples a little?


“Jauffrey spends all his nights in my pilou-pilou, I can’t take it anymore”

7. Caps are no

Two weeks ago, we were treated to Jauff and Cyndie’s bachelorette party t-shirts, but Jenn and Eddy didn’t say their last word with their KING and QUEEN caps. We’re going to have to call the fashion police because that’s not going at all…


The king and queen of the friendzone

8. The friendzone episode 87574

After the wedding friendzone, the wedding night friendzone, the honeymoon friendzone, here is the little news: the bowling friendzone. We never get bored with Eddy and Jennifer.


9. And it’s a YES for Pauline and Damien

Well, we’re not going to lie to each other, there was very little suspense for this couple, but it’s still cute to see them confirm their marriage. Now you just have to leave Pauline alone for everything that is buying a house and having kids, and everything will be fine.


10. Don’t act like Sandy…

Sandy: *makes 50 foot calls for Alex to massage her*

Alex : ” Do you want a massage ? »

Sandy : “Oh well yes why not…”

Not very subtle, the Sandy, but at least she knows what she wants.


11. Alicia and Bruno play with our nerves

It’s finally time to take stock for the first couple of the season, the one for whom everything has been going very well since the start. But instead of just confirming their vows, Alicia and Bruno gave us a big fake by announcing that they were taking off their wedding rings… to engrave their wedding date inside. NEVER AGAIN do you guys scare us like that.

Come on, that’s a second couple staying together. We don’t know if we can say the same for the next ones that will appear on the balance sheet, but it’s already not bad.


This look that means “Clearly, I have no desire to sleep here”

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