Top 11 Things To Remember From Lego Masters Season 3 Episode 1

1. Judges fuck the pressure of entry

For them, the Season 1 contestants were construction cracks, the Season 2 contestants were brick superheroes, and now they’re waiting for the Season 3 contestants to be even stronger. In their place, we would quickly start to wet our panties, but Caroline, she takes it cool. We are waiting to see her on the first test then.

Lm1 1

“I warn you, if I find your works ugly, I’ll knock them out with a baseball bat”

2. Ah, but she’s super nice, Caro!

For the first test, the candidates must simply create a planet. Just that. We, as we are fans of SF, we love it, but for the moment it is especially Caro who put his teammate (and brother) Camille in orbit by releasing a: “it’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer”. Ouch, it’s already shooting in the legs.

Lm1 2

Demonstrations of love between brother and sister are always a little special

3. Eric Antoine took a brick shower

While he was trolling Angie by calling her by her real first name “Angélique” – which she hates – a good twenty times, Eric Antoine took a bucket of bricks on his face. And he was happy. Everyone has their delirium.

Lm1 3

Totally deserved

4. Rodolphe and Théo it’s badly crossed

First test: the father and the son are already not at all in agreement. According to our long experience, when it starts with the fight, generally it does not go far in the adventure. We feel the family dinners in 5 years based on: “BUT I TOLD YOU TO USE YELLOW BRICKS DADDY”. Sacred atmosphere.

Lm1 4

“Good listen it’s simple, if we don’t choose my idea you won’t have anything for Christmas”

5. But this Cédric is super stressful

We saw him for 1 minute trying to assemble his red cylinder by knocking everything over with his shaking fingers and it stressed us out as we sat quietly on our couch. It’s going to be a tough adventure for Cédric if he doesn’t relax. Offer him a massage or herbal tea, we don’t know, but do something.

Lm1 5



Michael: “It’s not that it’s ugly, it’s that it’s fly. »

Yellow card for Mickaël, be careful because another valve like that and it’s direct elimination.

Lm1 6

This year, the level of humor is going to be high

7. We don’t know about you but we have our favorites

And it’s about Marius and Thibaut, the two student friends who are fun and, above all, super strong. Their electric planet smashed everything on the first test, so we can say that it smells good for the rest as far as they are concerned.

On the other hand, it’s less off to a good start for Camille & Caroline, and Angie & Cédric, who missed out a little on the event.

Lm1 7

Are we betting on a place in the final?

8. And now, NAME ALERT

On the second test, where the candidates have to build a castle that will be destroyed by a bowling ball (where did they get this crazy theme?), we learned that Yann and Anaïs were nicknamed DOUDOU and DOUDOUCETTE. So there, it’s not possible guys, we’ll have to do something.

Lm1 8

They too we want to see them go far

9. We’d pay a lot to be Enzo the Destroyer

Smashing fortified castles made for 8 hours while doing a strike, it must still be very enjoyable. Yes, we are a bit sadistic, but admit that you too wanted to take the place of the French bowling champion. And what biceps…

Lm1 9

What biceps…

10. Is the Eric Antoine bowling ball for sale somewhere?

No, because we’re starting to make our Christmas presents and we like it…

Lm1 10

It’s all right

11. Hello brothers and sisters!

While DOUDOU and DOUDOUCETTE smashed everything in the second round, it was Angie and Cédric who found themselves behind and had to leave the competition. Well done to them for going this far…

Lm1 11 2

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