Top 11 things that are objectively indecent

Sorry, but there are times when you have to put your foot in the dish, throw a stone in the pond, even call a spade a spade: a lot of stuff in this world is totally indecent. And I tell you that with all the objectivity in the world. By discovering this list, you will be obliged to agree with each of these points. I take out the pitchforks so that we can lead a revolution together. See you Saturday at 3 p.m. where you know.

1. The $2 billion US Lotto win

Come on, let’s say that a gain of 200 million is big enough to please anyone. But 2 billion for one person, really? Objectively, no one needs $2 billion, especially when people are starving nearby. There’s more than to hope that the winner spins a good part of his money to associations. That would be classy of her.

2. XL 3 meat tacos

Seriously, what’s the point of mixing 3 different meats in a pancake already stuffed with fries and sauce? In the end, nothing has any more taste and it’s just to fill the belly to say to fill the belly. And I’m not even talking about the chains that offer an XXL 4 meats.

Topito biere tacos

3. Private jet travel

In exceptional circumstances, it may be justified (and still is), but people who take jet trips on a regular basis are just big selfish people who would rather burn the planet than take a train. It’s still phew that we let them do it.

Topito legende co2 jet prive 2 2

4. The price of a Caesar salad in some restaurants

Sorry ? 18 euros for salad, croutons and a little chicken? Even with rent and cooks to pay, it’s completely abused.

Sp top 5 mexique 1

5. Having to pay to go to the toilet in some places

Guys, it’s a vital need, so please let us shit for free. Ultimately, charge those who leave gross toilets behind. There, it would be fairer.

Rp voyage 2 toilettes trains

6. The price of popcorn at the cinema

5 balls for 1L of popcorn? It just doesn’t make sense. But hey, without that, cinemas would have been closed for a long time, because it’s clearly on popcorn that theaters make their money. Finally, their corn AHAHAHAHAHAH.

Meme drake pop corn

7. Guys with way too big muscles

Be careful, I respect bodybuilding as well as people with muscles. On the other hand, when you have so many biscottos that you can’t even scratch your back yourself, there is still a little problem. At some point, you may have to know how to stay natural.

St texte muscle bar 03

8. Families who spend hundreds of thousands on their daughter’s Quinceañera

It also works with Bar-Mitzvahs which sometimes look like princely weddings so much the parents have given away money. No kid needs so much luxury.

La fete est finie

9. People who put Nutella on their already buttered toast

No, you don’t need to add fat on top of fat. It has no taste, it’s just a whim of your brain that wants to store fat for fear of dying.

Shopping clip maki nutella

10. The price of furniture at junk shops

Seriously, are their couches golden or what?

Topito soiree musique copain

11. The multi-billion yachts

Like this one that contains 100,000 kilos of gold and platinum, as many diamonds, meteorites and T-Rex bones. There really are people who are too rich.

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