Top 11 series actors from whom the plot was hidden, no spoilers

It happens that the producers of a film or a series decide to keep certain parts of their plot secret in order to avoid spoilers, which they sometimes also do with the actors themselves to keep a form of authenticity. in their reactions and avoid that they swing the end to everyone. We invite you today to see some examples of these moments because it is the subject of the top, because if it were up to me we would have talked about the shearing of sheep in the alpine environment.

1. Twin Peaks: Laura Palmer’s Murderer

The whole point of the series is to find out who killed Laura Palmer and one would think that the actors were at least aware of the resolution of this mystery but yet it is not so. Even the actor who was the killer didn’t know until he was told it had always been him, which would make your head spin.

2. Dallas: Who shot JR Ewing?

At the end of season 3 the main character of Dallas is shot without anyone seeing who the shooter is. The production even played on it by swinging ads all over the country “who shot JR? which explains why the following season’s first episode was the most viewed in US history when it aired. The funny thing is that almost every cast member was told that it was their character who shot JR so that basically no one could figure out who did it.

3. How I met your mother: the death of Marshall’s father

When Lily comes to announce to Marshall that his father is dead, the actor’s reaction is improvised because he hadn’t been briefed for that at all. Basically he had been told that Lily was going to tell him that they were expecting a child, so not AT ALL the same atmosphere. His “I’m was not ready for this” is probably a real reaction to the blow.

4. How I met your mother: the real name of the mother

During the entire production of the series there were only five people who knew the name and identity of the mother: the two actors who make Ted’s kids, the director and the two scriptwriters. Everyone else had no idea which actress was going to play the character and found out while filming the final season.

5. Game of Thrones : la mort de Jon Snow

If Kit Harrington was well aware that he was going to make his big comeback after his “death”, all the other cast members were convinced that he had finished his work on the series. But when we started filming again the following year, the little guy was there and people started to understand, because they weren’t all completely stupid.

6. Scream: the person under the mask

The creators of the series Scream had hidden from the actors who the real killer was under the mask, not only to avoid any form of spoilers but also to keep a kind of general state of distrust of the characters towards all the others. And actually underneath all this time he was a stuntman. Incredible isn’t it?

7. The haunting of hill house: the big jumpscare in the car

In this scene two of the sisters are talking in a car when they have just learned of the disappearance of a member of their family (I don’t spoil too much, but watch this great emergency mini-series). The two actresses were aware that there was going to be a creepy appearance and therefore a big jumpscare, except that they were voluntarily told that it was going to happen much later in the scene and suddenly their reaction is completely authentic.

8. The Good Place: the end twist of season 1

Obviously only two actors knew the big twist at the end of the first season of The good place and they were instructed to keep their mouths shut otherwise their lunch card would be confiscated. Kristen Bell and Ted Danson therefore kept the secret as long as possible, like even now they don’t talk about it.

9. Friends: Ross falling down the stairs

During this passage of Friends where a model disguised as Ross is thrown down the stairs, Jennifer Aniston was not at all aware of what was going to happen. So if you think her reaction is overdone you can’t even say she’s acting badly because that’s really how she reacted.

10. The Mandalorian: (Second) Return of the Jedi

If the arrival of Luke Skywalker in the series The Mandalorian was kept totally secret from the fans as was the case for most of the actors. The goal was effectively to prevent any form of leak, to keep everyone surprised. You prefer Star Wars or The mummy 2 you ?

11. The Office: the mystery wedding guest

During the last episode of The Office the incomparable Michael Scott is making a comeback for Dwight and Angela’s wedding and no one was aware of his presence in the cast. Inevitably it was even more beautiful to shoot as a conclusion to this series. Did you notice all the details in The Office?

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