Top 11 of the worst Google reviews on the Queens of shopping, a show that is causing debate

Whether we know or this public utility program, we all know what it’s all about thanks to the legendary performance of Cristina Cordula and her “magnifaik” which is one of the most exploded trademarks in history. In short, it was enough for us to give you the best opinions on the show.

1. Go once

Reine 1

2. So yes so how to say

Riene 10

3. “More human”

Reine 9

4. Didn’t understand

Reine 8

5. It’s based on the Cordulette

Reine 7

6. Let’s finally talk about this maturity issue

Reine 6


Reine 5

8. It Was Almost That

Reine 4

9. GO netflix

Reine 3

10. Respond

Reine 2

11. When you want to burn life but only by one end

Reine 11

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