Top 11 of the most undecided people in history, you have to decide in fact

Undecided people suck. They never know what to order at the restaurant, what clothes to wear in the morning or what position to take during a debate between friends. We want to give them little flicks behind their ears to make them wake up, but since we have to avoid violence, let’s content ourselves with displaying the most undecided of them.

1. Elon Musk buying/not buying/buying Twitter

After making a lot of noise by announcing to buy Twitter, Elon Musk had retracted, but we learn that he will finally buy the social network. The guy is as undecided about a multi-billion dollar purchase as I am when I hesitate to buy a sweater on Vinted.

2. Government during Covid

Suddenly we have to buy masks, suddenly masks are useless, suddenly we all have to wear masks, suddenly we only have to wear them inside, suddenly we have to wear them outside , a blow… In short, you have captured. And again, I’m not talking to you about confinements/curfew/no curfew/curfew-but-only-from-8 p.m…. Oh well, I just told you about it.

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3. This woman who paid for her daughter’s wedding and got pregnant with her son-in-law

She dropped 17,000 euros to get her daughter married, and she banged her daughter’s husband. Must know suddenly, she wants her to be married or not?

4. Kim Kardashian divorcing after 72 days

In 2011, she married basketball player Kris Humphries and divorced 72 days later. It’s not even the length of a season. Perhaps he should be offered the services of a love life coach. It’s just a suggestion.

5. This guy who wanted to get into the deal and then finally no

There are times when it’s really better to have certainties from the start, because otherwise you’ll look like an idiot in front of the cops.

6. Guillaume Peltier, who still hesitates between right and extreme right

Admire this pleasant journey: National Front, National Republican Movement, Movement For France, Union for a Popular Movement, The Republicans, Reconquest. Well, it still smells rather far-right, but the guy can’t stay still.

7. Cats that never know if they want to come in or go out

Make a decision actually filthy feline.

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8. The people in front of you at the bakery who hesitate for about 30 minutes between a pain aux raisins and a croissant

Damn it’s not complicated: raisin bread is disgusting. The choice is quickly made.

Topito vs koh lanta croissants

9. This Gaullist militant who became a black bloc

The guy does not do half measures.

10. Your couple of friends who split up and get back together every 3 weeks

So you don’t know if you should love or hate your BFF’s guy anymore since she changes her mind about him all the time and hopes that you will always think exactly the same as her. It sucks.

11. People who panic when they find themselves in front of the restaurant menu

They hesitate 3 hours to know what they are going to have, and when their dish of gnocchi arrives, they are disappointed not to have had a pizza like the others. What ruin their day.

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