Top 11 of the most beautiful sculptures in France, those that are too stylish

France is an amazing country. She is able to lay very ugly high schools and disgusting roundabouts but give everything on sculptures. Good after, better that than more ugly statues. We therefore show you today the most beautiful outdoor works of art to see in our beautiful country. Attention, we have clearly tej of this top every Thinker of Rodin and other somewhat boring statues. It’s good actually, fed up at the end.

1. Serpent of the ocean – Saint-Brevin-les-Pins (Pays de la Loire)

If you go through the best region of France, aka the Pays de la Loire, do not hesitate to make a detour (a detour, not the thing with the big needles eh) by Saint-Brevin-les-Pins to admire the magnificent creation by artist Huang Yong Ping: The Ocean Serpent, a 130 m long aluminum sculpture that is covered and uncovered at each tide. Yes, it’s very stylish.

2. The Valley of the Saints – Carnoët (Brittany)

Easter Island, frankly, is overrated. If you want to impress yourself with a whole bunch of beautiful sculptures, frankly, go for the Côtes-d’Armor. This large sanctuary project is still under construction and should have nearly 1,000 sculptures representing Breton Saints, from 2.5 m to 7 m high, at the end of the construction site. Since 2009, around 170 statues have already been installed. These giant statues are made by sculptors who come three times a year for a month to make these sculptures in granite.

3. Travelers – Marseille (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur)

So yes, today we find these statues in other cities in France, you might say. And I will answer you, well seen. But I found that the Marseille one was particularly nice to share with you (it’s up to you to find where the others are, I’m not going to do all the work for you either). In addition, it is in the Marseille city that this project began. The Travelers are a series of sculptures made by Bruno Catalano and representing men and women with incomplete bodies with a suitcase in their hands. Quite poetic works, it must be said.

4. Les Braves – Omaha Beach (Normandy)

This memorial, created in 2004 for the 60th anniversary of D-Day, pays tribute to the soldiers and allies who came to liberate France during the Second World War. Made by the sculptor Anilore Banon, this work in three parts represents the wings of fraternity, upright freedom and the wings of hope.

5. Le Moretti – Courbevoie (Ile-de-France)

If you like contemporary works, this one is for you. This sculpture, created by Raymond Moretti in 1995, covers a 32 m high ventilation chimney. It is made up of 672 fiberglass tubes in many different colors. What makes this sculpture even more beautiful are the lights it reflects off the surrounding buildings when illuminated at night. A wonder !

6. Per Adriano – Angers (Pays de la Loire)

I’m not going to say it’s the most magnificent sculpture in France because I come from Angers, but almost. This all-bronze face was installed in front of the Museum of Fine Arts in 2004 by the sculptor Igor Mitoraj. The author was also inspired by Greco-Roman statues to create this handsome face.

7. Couple of Sirenus – La Baule-Escoublac (Pays de la Loire)

This 2009 bronze sculpture of a dancing mermaid and triton couple was donated to the city by artist Agnès Rispal. If you feel like you’re in a Fashion Week show when you see her, that’s normal: the artist was indeed a fashion designer at Dior. Yeah, it’s not too gross yeah.

8. The Francophonie Globe – La Rochelle (New Aquitaine)

This work by Bruce Kreb, designed in 2000, was commissioned by SACEM before being offered to the city of La Rochelle in tribute to Michel Crépeau, former deputy and mayor of La Rochelle who had defended the French language a great deal. This large globe represents all the French-speaking countries of the world. A quote from Michel Crépeau is also present on the sculpture: “Through French song, it is our culture, our poetry and our language that go around the world. »

9. The Monster – Tours (Centre-Val-de-Loire)

Other works by sculptor Xavier Veilhan, similar to the Monster, are also visible elsewhere in France. But this one is particularly stylish. It was installed on the Place du Grand-Marché in 2004 to give an identity to this square in Tours. Today, no inhabitant of Tours knows what the real name of the Place du Monstre is.

10. The Dance of the Emerging Fountain – Paris (Île-de-France)

Still in Paris, this nifty structure is a fountain in several pieces representing the body of a dragon which plunges into the ground. Located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, on Place Augusta-Holmes, it was inaugurated in 2008 by the wife of Chinese artist Chen Zhen, who died before he could complete his work. This sculpture is all the more stylish when you see the water sliding through the transparent body of the dragon with the pressure.

11. Catène de Containers – Le Havre (Normandy)

So yes, containers are still very, very basic. And yet, artist Vincent Ganivet managed to make it giga cool. In 2017, he unveiled this sculpture installed near the entrance to the port of Le Havre (Alphonse Brooooown) on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the port. This work is made up of 21 and 15 colored containers respectively, arranged in two arches and weighs 288 tons for nearly 28 m high (heavy yeah). Today, all the young people from Le Havre meet up in front to chill a lot together and enjoy delicious beetroot sandwiches.

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