Top 11 mistakes not to make when trying to save money

As a reasonable person, you probably want to save money in order to end up with as much moneyyyy as possible. Normal. But sometimes, by wanting too much to do well, we just make good big trouble. So, for the sake of your bank account, here are some pitfalls to avoid when you want to save money.

1. Keep buying bottled water (even the cheapest)

Even if you buy first-price water, it will still be a useless waste of money: tap water will always cost less (and it’s better for your health, too). Instead, invest a few euros in a good water bottle.

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2. Do stupid things like spending 3 hours checking parking meters for coins

Working for 3 hours at the minimum wage would already bring in more dough. Even if it means saving money, you might as well use your time to do things that really pay off.

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3. Build a cheap house

For the construction of the hut, it is better to bet on good quality materials and nickel finishes. Excessive savings during construction means taking the risk of having a rotten and therefore unsaleable house. Even uninhabitable.

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4. Not going to the doctor or the dentist

Wanting to save is good, but avoiding medical appointments to save a few tens of euros here and there is a blow to having to pay several thousand a few years later. Health should always come before savings, even if it hurts your ass a bit at the time (especially if it’s a digital rectal examination).

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5. Do the dishes by hand

I was personally very shocked when I learned that the dishwasher uses much less water than washing dishes by hand. So it’s sure that it has a relatively high cost to buy, but over time, it can be worth investing in the machine.

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6. Buy low-end tools

For all things DIY, it is better to turn to good tools, otherwise they will break after only a few uses, and it will not be worth it. On the other hand, avoid buying a drill altogether: unless you use it daily, borrowing one from friends is always a better solution.

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7. Buy food in bulk

The family pack offers and other batches of 12 boxes of je-ne-sais-quoi are tempting, but when you live alone or as a couple (and not with an XXL family), it’s often a waste of food. Because no one wants to eat cordon bleu 15 days in a row, and not everyone has a big freezer to store all that.

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8. Do the sales

Sales are a good opportunity to save money if and only if you already had something to buy. Otherwise, it’s just buying clothes just because they were on sale. When you didn’t need it.

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9. Buy a cheaper phone with an expensive plan

This combination gives the impression of making a bargain at first, but since there is always 2 years of commitment, it ends up being more expensive than buying the phone naked with a 12-ball plan.

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10. Buy a cheap car

Buying a car that could be described as a “good big wreck” is the best way to get closer to your mechanic by going to see him every month for a new problem. I don’t know about you, but I prefer not to get too close to my mechanic.

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11. Become the owner of a cheap house but super far from the workplace

The money saved at the time of purchase will quickly be neutralized by far too long journeys and diminishing comfort of life. Saving money at the expense of quality of life is rarely a good idea (unless it’s really temporary).

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Your goal is completely the opposite of this top? So here are ways to lose money easily. Thanking you.

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