Top 11 Actors Who Rise Through Shitty Movies, But Had A Great Career After

Even if we are a ball in cinema, and we go there once every 36th of the month, there are actors we all know (nothing to do with those whose heads we know but never the name)! The reason: an amazing career, films that have met with worldwide success and a certain charisma. But there you go, fame is earned, and some of them started at the very bottom of the ladder. Under the same ladder. The advantage is that when you start with such a bad film, you can only do better afterwards…

1. Robert Pattinson

First screen appearance: Twilight. Yes, it was nice when we were 12… JUST because we were 12 and we didn’t realize how bad it really was… Sorry for the people who will be offended by these comments, but WAKE UP. The film was elected worst movie of all time… It’s still a sign, isn’t it?

And since : he has appeared in dozens of films, received awards galore for his acting, has modeled and recently embodied the character of Batman, in The Batman, released last March. Balaise, the vampire.

2. Kristen Stewart

Go hop, like that we go around the saga.

First screen appearance: she is first an extra, without reply, in the Disney TV movie ” The Boy Who Came from the Sea“. She then starred in The Flintstones at Rock Vegas (as its name suggests: it’s not great art), and was really revealed at the end of the 2000s by… Well yes, by Twilight. The worst movie in history. You know the song.

And since : she has more than forty feature films to her credit, not counting series or video clips. She has also moved on to the other side of the camera making 5 films. The last, The Chronology of Waterexpected for 2022, deals with bisexuality.

3. Zac Efron

First screen appearance: HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. Troy Bolton. The little surfer wick bomb that set everyone’s hearts ablaze. Including mine. Who still burns strong for him. I love you Troy. Even if Allociné rates HSM 2.3/5, for me, you will always be a 12/10. Still.

And since : well… He didn’t make a lot of good films, to be honest. BUT, his portrayal of Ted Bundy in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile is quite successful. He also won the Best Actor award for this role at the 2019 Mammoth Film Festival.

4. Leonardo Dicaprio

First screen appearance: in the movie Critters 3, when he was only 16 years old. His role: a teenage skater, forced to fight fanged hairballs.

And since : it’s just a planetary star, what. And this, for a long time… Since 1997, and the theatrical release of Titanic, exactly (aka one of the most Oscar-winning films in history, with 11 statuettes). He then chained the big productions, and became Martin Scorsese’s favorite actor. He won numerous awards throughout his career, until the consecration in 2016: his first Oscar for Best Actor for his role in The Revenant.

5. Georges Clooney

First screen appearance: The Return of Killer Tomatoes, in 1988. Yes, yes. Wait, I’ll give you the synopsis, so you can make up your own mind: ” A mad scientist, Dr. Gangrene, develops a process to transform tomatoes into human killers. It’s a new mission for Wilbur Finletter who, this time helped his nephew Chad and Matt, his pizza maker, will once again have to save the planet from these decidedly invincible monsters!“. Here, here. (In fact, this is his second appearance. The first is in Return to Horror High, and believe me… It’s of the same ilk.)

And since : luckily, the tomatoes didn’t kill him, and he was able to achieve a brilliant career, become a sex symbol, and drink a lot of coffee. What else?

6. Jennifer Aniston

First screen appearance: it was in the particularly cheap canadian horror movie Leprechaunin 1993 !

And since : around forty feature films, nearly twenty series (INCLUDING FRIENDS OF COURSE), films made, other products, five Golden Globes, seven Primetime Grammy Awards, AND MORE!

7. Sylvester Stallone

First screen appearance: the infamous soft porn movie Party at Kitty And Studreissued and renamed The Italian Stallion after Stallone’s success in Rocky. Not to mention the ass aspect of the film, the story is already quite sad since it is about a violent man towards his girlfriend. So. Really not cool as a first start.

And since : although he has acted in many films, we especially remember his masterful acting in Rocky in 1976. A considerable success which launched his career and generated a series of eight films. Among his other great successes: Creed, for which he received the Golden Globes for best actor in a supporting role in 2016. While remaining an actor, he was also able to breathe new life into his career in cinema by juggling director’s caps , screenwriter and producer.

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger

First screen appearance: Hercules in New York, in 1972. The film is so bad that the actor himself offered to use it as a tool of torture in 2012. That’s to tell you…

And since : he was one of the big stars of action cinema in the 1980s and 1990s. He then took a break from film to devote himself to politics at the turn of the 2000s, then returned to the spotlight in the 2010s. In 2015, he notably resumed one of his flagship characters: Terminator.

9. Ryan Gosling

First screen appearance: it was in the show “Mickey Mouse Club” from 1993 to 1995, on Disney Chanel, alongside Justin Timberlake in particular. He will really be revealed later, in 2004, thanks to his main role in the romantic comedy “N’oublie Never” (in front of which we all cried, admit it).

And since : he has acted in dozens of films and series and received several distinctions. Among them: the prize for best actor in a musical film or a comedy for La La Land, at the Golden Globes 2017.

10. Zendaya

First screen appearance: Shake it Up, on Disney Channel, always. If you don’t know either, I’ll let you admire the extract below.

And since : she chained the big films and series to success. It is found in particular in Spider-Man Homecoming, Far From Home, et No Way Home, Duneand of course: in the series Euphoria.

11. Matthew McConaughey

First screen appearance: My Boyfriend’s Back, an American zombie film in which a teenager returns from the dead to see the girl he is in love with. Sleazy and useless. It’s not me who says it, it’s the critics of the time!

And since : he has acted in many films and obtained leading roles in very large productions, such as Interstellar. He has also received numerous awards, including the Golden Globes for Best Actor in a Drama for Dallas Buyers Clubin 2014.

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