Top 10 Worst Tributes To Dead People Rest In Peace

Paying homage often starts with a good feeling. But sometimes… It’s better to shut up. To pay homage in silence. It’s a bit hard to judge, but you’ll quickly realize that in the end, it’s not so bad… Really… Some people had better turn their tongue 27 times in their mouth before speaking.

1. Julien Bert, who pays tribute to his grandmother by opening a Mym account

“Here, you have to take back your life, tell me that she is watching over me, that she will be my guardian angel, BY THE way, IT GAVE ME AN IDEA!” I open a Mym account and I uncover ». Translate, I open an account on a paid social network, to post pictures of me at oilp. Nice tribute, there’s no denying it.

2. Océane El Himer, who confuses the Queen of England and Brigitte Macron

Océane, Océane, Océane… What can I say? I don’t mind that Brigitte isn’t very young, but 1926, all the same…

3. …. And Sarah Fraisou shares a photo of her and the Queen… from Madame Tussaud’s museum in Dubai

We would have almost believed it, in this little photo between girlfriends!

4. Sandrine Rousseau, who pays tribute to Jean-Pierre Belmondo

Raaaah, finally… Pierre, Paul, Jacques, it’s almost the same, isn’t it?

5. … Or the tribute of Plus Belle La Vie

We know that it comes from a good feeling, but all the same… It’s a bit embarrassing, this attempt to chain one’s film titles to make a kind of dialogue without tail or head.

6. Kim Glow’s very embarrassing tribute to Georges Floyd

Take an embarrassing song that sticks in your head and has little to do with such drama. Add to it a choreographic interpretation in play-bac, totally messed up. Finally, and most importantly, add a shocking and terrible image in the background. Mix it all up and tadaaaaaaaa: you get a shameful tribute, bordering on disrespectful. We know it wasn’t a bad intention, but still…

7. The tribute burger to Agnès Varda

It’s still very funny. Bad taste, yes, but very funny.

8. An American park offers to relive the death of Lady Di in 3D

After paying nearly 20 bucks for your ticket, you will be immersed in the streets of Paris on August 31, 1997, to relive Lady Diana’s fatal accident. From the Ritz to the Pont de l’Alma, you will experience the chase in a taxi, to flee from the paparazzi. Glaucous and morbid atmosphere assured. According to the creator of the park located in Tennessee, “it’s not in bad taste”. Allow us to doubt it a little…

9. A Simone Veil park, architecture inspired by the concentration camp

But why ? But… Seriously… Who came up with such a thing? And who validated it? Guys, finally… I don’t have the words here.

10. Tribute to Kim Jung Gi, stealing his style

Kim Jung Gi was a cartoonist, who died at the age of 47 in early October 2O22. Just days after his death, a guy went all out to teach an artificial intelligence to “reproduce the style” of Jung Gi, then asked for credits from people who wanted to use his creation. Crevard movement level, what stage are we at?

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