Top 10 Worst Pop Culture Curses Are Freaking Out

We love to tell scary stories. In pop culture, they are legion. Etymologically the curse is a word intended to cause the anger of the gods against a person. Although we are unlikely to believe it, our simple desire to shiver is enough to let us be carried away by these super creepy stories.

1. The cursed adaptation of the novel “The incomparable Atuk” Mordecai Richler

First we have a Canadian author, screenwriter. Then we have a novel. Then we have people in Hollywood who are very keen on adapting the novel for film. And here is the drama. It would indeed seem that all the actors approaching the project find death: John Belushi, Sam Kinison, John Candy, Chris Farley, or even Phil Hartman. So many deaths that erect this aborted film on top of the well-known curses of Hollywood hell.

2. Shouldn’t have dragged too long on the set of The Exorcist in 1973

Impossible not to think of him when we talk about cursed films at the cinema. As long as you’re superstitious, the morbid stories around the film are enough to kick the ass. No less than 9 people from the team or their relatives died there. Oddly enough, no death can be attributed directly to Friedkin, who still had fun shooting in the air (with real ammunition) to really scare the actors and create a climate of fear on each stage. Nor on the film set which ended up catching fire.


3. The Canadian series Leo and Me seems to have an impact on Parkinson’s disease

No actually not really. But it is quite surprising to notice that out of the 125 people participating in the filming, 4 have developed this disease, including our beloved Michael J. Fox. So 4 out of 125 you’re going to tell me that’s not a lot, but I’ll answer you that it’s proportionally ten times more than in the general population. To wonder if they weren’t doing bullshit in the coffee sweets.

Credits photo : Chuck Kennedy (Pete for America)

4. All the actors who have played John Connor have had drug problems.

Edward Furlong, Nick Stahl, Thomas Dekker… These three unfortunates had to deal with drug problems at some point. Good after, it is not difficult to find other causes than a hypothetical curse when Thomas Dekker, for example, confides in the sexual abuse he suffered as a child. We can understand that it has some flaws.

5. Many actors who have played Superman have had shitty lives.

We even told you about the victims of the Superman curse, and if she has her own top, it’s because there was something to freak out about in the UK. Georges Reeves was shot in the head a few days before his wedding, Lee Quigley (who had the honor of playing the baby Superman) died at the age of 14 from an overdose, Christopher Reeve who found himself paralyzed after a riding accident… I stop there. Luckily, it looks like Henry Cavill has broken the curse because until proven otherwise he has a pretty cool life. The other day he played an Astro and he won 2 balls. Really happy with this guy.

David ayer keen to do a superman film

6. People who win an Oscar tend to get divorced right after.

A brilliant study made this astonishing observation: actresses who win an Oscar have an average marriage that will last 4.3 years compared to 9.5 years for losers. As for men, the winners are limited to 12.5 years against 11.9 years for the losers. Phew. I don’t know about you, but it put me off to hope for the statuette. Not even interested.

7. A lot of very talented people decided to die at 27.

So much so that they were given the charming nickname of “club of 27”. Nothing to do with a golf club or a club sandwich. It’s mostly rock or blues stars who went over to the left (with the help of drugs anyway) at this fateful age: Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones… In short if you want to succeed in music and you’re over 27 sorry but it’s shredded for your faces.

8. James Dean’s car didn’t seem to run well.

We know it mainly for having driven the star into the bowels of a telegraph pole, but the Porsche 550 Spyder does not have a trivial history. After having stuffed the star with a status of myth (the dead are always right), the car aroused many fantasies. Sold in spare parts at exorbitant prices, it would seem that each of its buyers has in turn experienced a tragic destiny.

9. The terrible song legend Crossroad Blues

It is said that Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil because white people were unable to recognize his talent. Thus, anyone who recorded a cover of this song would have been punished with tragedy. Indeed this is the case of Eric Clapton, Duane Allman or even Lynyrd Skynyrd. After… there are plenty of other people who have covered this song and who have done very well so stay stable.

10. Bruno Amadio’s cursed painting

In the 1950s, this Italian painter created several works brought together under the name of the Weeping Boy. So far so good (although he could have dug a little more for the title but that’s just my humble opinion). In 1985 the British newspaper The Sun, known for its love of sensationalism, published an article implicating one of these works as the origin of a mysterious fire. The painting is quickly accused of bringing bad luck and like all the stories mentioned so far it looks like a big joke.

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