Top 10 worst news of the month, episode 1

At one time, we were optimistic and we shared the good news of the year with you to inject a little joy into the veins of your life. That era is over. Today, everything is going into a spin (not to say “nuts”), and the bad news is piling up. So we’re going to jump into the depression with both feet and share with you the worst news of the month. Like that, we will all be very sad together, our gaze oriented towards a horizon of good big foam. Have fun, friends.

1. Scientists have discovered a deadly new virus that could become the new HIV

American researchers have found a new form of the virus in wild African monkeys, and the stuff doesn’t smell good at all. Apparently, the virus would cause deadly Ebola-like symptoms, attack the immune system like HIV, and could spread to humans. We are waiting to know more, but we don’t like it.

2. The price of fuel will increase further

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries has decided to reduce its oil production, which will have the effect of increasing fuel prices (inevitably, the less there is, the more expensive it is, tmtc). As if a liter of gasoline didn’t already cost a kidney.

3. Saudi Arabia will host the 2029 Asian Winter Games

After the World Cup in Qatar, which resulted in the death of thousands of workers and which will pollute a lot, what could be better than winter games in the middle of the desert in a country that is not very keen on human rights? ? Eh ? What better ?

4. In Thailand, a shooting in a crèche killed around 30 people, including 23 children

A former police officer killed his family and attacked a nursery before committing suicide. The guy had been fired from the police for using drugs, but it is not known what motivated him to commit this attack. It’s just awful.

5. The far right has come to power in Italy

The alliance of the rights, carried by the fan of Mussolini Giorgia Meloni, emerged as the big winner of the elections. It means that the Italians will have a neo-fascist in power, with a neo-fascist government, and probably full of new neo-fascist laws. Great.

6. The far right also won the parliamentary elections in Sweden

The right and extreme right bloc won 176 seats against 173 for the center left and the Greens. It’s a bit as if in France, Les Républicains had allied with the RN to win against the other parties. It fucks the chips.

7. Nearly 100 people died during protests in Iran

Since Mahsa Amini, a young Iranian Kurd, was killed on September 16, 2022 after being arrested by the police for putting on her veil incorrectly, protests have erupted in the country. The people, led by women, fight for freedom, but the police suppress the demonstrations and have already claimed nearly 100 victims. Apparently the Iranian authorities don’t like freedom.

Protests continue in Iran and often turn into clashes with law enforcement

Posted by NEWS on Sunday, October 2, 2022

8. After the scorching summer, the harvests are poor

Maize is experiencing its lowest harvest since 1990, and the amount of grass for herbivores is also well below usual figures. This should particularly impact the dairy sector, so expect a new price spike. Isn’t life beautiful?

9. North Korea continues to fire missiles to provoke other countries

The country is dropping missiles into the Sea of ​​Japan and blaming the United States and South Korea for the North Koreans claiming to have started the provocations by carrying out military maneuvers in the area. We don’t care who started it, but we don’t want this little story to get out of hand.

10. Frank Michael will release a new album on October 14, 2022

We’re still talking about the guy who made all the old women in the country dance while singing all women are beautiful. The cockroach embodied in one person. A person who must smell like mothballs. Dog of life.

After so much bad news, change your mind with the little champions of the week who are fortunately still there for us.

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