Top 10 worst names of 2021, who validated that ???

This is personally one of my favorite moments of January: the one where I present you the top of the worst names of the previous year. And if we had a rotten 2021 on a whole bunch of aspects, these 365 days will have at least provided us with a shovelful of very nazi first names. It is therefore with great pleasure that I invite you to admire this list of the shame of the worst first names of 2021, and I take this opportunity to thank the League of Civil Status Officers who unearths these first names from hell all through year round.

1. Brydgette-Maxence

Topito’s review : Poor Brydgette-Maxence entered life with a severe handicap. I predict many years of hardship emotionally and professionally. In 25 years, she will have founded her 8th start-up and will enthusiastically harass her employees. A fate not at all simple.

2. Anakynn

Topito’s review : It’s almost like in Star Wars. Maybe it’s in Star Warze. Either way, he’s the mega-class and I can’t wait to see him hold his first lightsaber. May the Forsse be with him.

3. Zidane

Topito’s review : And then we wonder why we do not care about Nord-Pas-de-Calais … As a Northerner, I dissociate myself 100% from these parents, their child, mullet cuts, lukewarm Kronenbourgs, Dany Boon and, above all, RC Lens. Zidane is a football legend, but above all he’s a fucking last name. You don’t call a kid like that. Shit.

4. Duck

Topito’s review : In the defense of his parents, this is his middle name as a tribute to his grandfather’s last name, but something tells me that won’t stop his little classmates from giving a damn about him. mouth. Yes, children are cruel, but at the same time they are often right: “Duck” is a shame.

5. Vanellopé

Topito’s review : A first name like “Vanellopé” is a heavy responsibility to bear: either you become ultra beautiful and famous and you make this name the new fashion of the 2040s, or you are tasteless and everyone will remember you as the one who had PQ stuck under his shoe in fifth grade. No, worse, no one will remember you.

6. Mahonëssy

Topito’s review : In the race for originality, the parents of little Mahonëssy got lost and chose a first name for her which – with all due respect to them – breathes bad taste to the full. In other words, it’s big shit. No wonder Mahonëssy ends up selling at Sephora.

7. Stane Slass El Padre

Topito’s review : Impossible to determine in advance the personality of Stane Slass El Padre. He could become a plumber as well as a doctor, diplomat, prostitute, postman, Michel Jonasz double, pest controler, serial killer, parallel killer, contract killer, Nobel Peace Prize winner, librarian or accountant. To watch closely.

8. Jeynhéziss

Topito’s review : I breathed in car perfumes that smelled better than the first name Jeynhéziss. I don’t know if this is a tribute to the Genesis group, but what is certain is that if Phil Collins had not already ended his career, he would have done so by discovering this first name.

9. Sangohan

Topito’s review : After the magnificent Sangoku-Kassim of the worst names of 2019, Sangohan would almost look pale. I don’t know myself, they could have called him Sangohan-Francine or Sangohan-Lionel, it would have been pretty good. In any case, we can’t wait for 2023 to see a Sangoten arrive, or even, if we’re lucky, a Sangoten-Chantal.

10. Tick Of My Blood

Topito’s review : I put it last because I still find it hard to believe it exists (yet the League of Civil Status Officers shared a photo of his ID card.) What about Tick De Mon Blood ? What to wish him for the future except a lot of courage? What to think of the very meaning of life after seeing this? I’ll take a few days off to think about it. I need to withdraw from humanity.

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