Top 10 worst health advice from influencers, don’t listen to these people

Social networks are a world apart. A place where the field of possibilities is pushed back to its climax. A place where all kinds of people live together, from the smartest to the most stupid. Just like in real life. But in this microcosm, there is still a separate group: influencers. Once again, there are real content creators who do a monstrous job, and then… There are these people, who don’t hesitate to put your health at risk to afford a villa in Dubai. NEVER do what they advise in this top. NEVER !

1. Dylan Thiry who sells capsules against “cancer cells” (“carcinogenic” is the right word)

Decades of research, thousands of professionals, millions of deaths per year around the world, as many bereaved families… While Dylan has the solution and everything, at 50% off with the code “GROSBLAIREAU50”! Raaaah, but if we had known earlier… I know that I cannot pour out any violence here, but know that the feelings that I have against this person, pronouncing three times in a row the word “cancerous”, while allowing themselves to accuse European medicine of doing nothing to cure this disease, are not the most cordial.

2. All the bad diet advice from influencers (well yes, it’s always the girls who explain how to lose weight, logical)

Between Sarah Fraisou who offers to plaster her stomach (yes, yes, with plaster), Nabilla who advocates wearing a corset daily, or Maeva who sells tea “to poop all day”, there was enough material to make a top dedicated to all these excellent diet tips for reality TV candidates! It’s almost art.

3. Paga advertising a teeth scaler

All because “you koné it avoids dalé ché the dantist lol”. A little advice from a friend: go to the dentist for any activity related to your oral hygiene, with the only exceptions of brushing your teeth and mouthwashes that you can do on your own, like grown-ups. For everything related to scaling, teeth whitening or whatever: go to those who have studied for 6 years to be able to do this without risk to your health.

4. Fiji Ruiz who recommends an oxygen therapy session every week

Yes, “oxygen therapy” exists, but it is a TREATMENT, in case of illness, PRESCRIBED after MEDICAL CONSULTATIONS. So, NO, promote home oxygen therapy on social media, stating “yeah yeah it’s really good, it’s against stress and fatigue” this is NOT NORMAL AT ALL. YES, I’M WRITING IN CAPS BECAUSE I’M EXCESSED!

5. Noémie Mabelleuh and the promotion of vaginal steam baths

According to this charming young woman (and others, on the networks), sitting on a basin of boiling water with various small infused plants inside, and offering her vagina a little spa moment, is a practice of more pleasant. Still according to his brilliant advice, this would make it possible to “cleansing the inside, removing odors, soothing menstrual pain, healing childbirth wounds and cleaning the uterus”. The site also advocates virtues helping to… ” fertility ! ». But will you tell me so much? Here is a miracle product! According to gynecologists (these experts on health and on this part of the human body), on the other hand, this kind of intimate toilet presents various risks such as allergies, irritations and burns. Suddenly it makes you dream less. Needless to remind you (well, yes, useful, if you believe this bullshit!!) that the vagina cleans itself thanks to the flora, and that personal hygiene should only focus on the outer part of the vulva!


6. Sarah Fraisou promotes “capsules to tighten the vagina” and Maeva Ghennam advocates vaginal lifting

We no longer count the problematic placements of Sarah Fraisou, but all the same… This one is clearly worth the detour! She simply praised the benefits of capsules to “tighten the vagina”. Yes, you (unfortunately) read that correctly. As if that weren’t dramatic enough, she justified her point with a “yeah, it’s so tight, your husband stops cheating on you”. BUT ! Since when do women have to have tight vaginas to earn their man’s respect, damn it???

Same register, another reality TV person: I ask you for a round of applause (not at all) for the inimitable (thank God) Maeva Ghennam! In 2021, the influence followed by 3.3 million subscribers on Instagram, invited his community to have “vulva rejuvenation” thanks to “radiofrequency and mesotherapy without injection”. She then explained “I have a beautiful vagina, like I don’t have lips sticking out, but it has to be maintained. My doctor is the best for that. So, it’s too good, like there, it’s like I was 12 years old “. Want to vomit in front of so much nonsense, and you? Frankly, you all go cook the derche with your backward advice.

7. Everyone who advises getting your asshole roasted

But anyway… We must not take everything at face value. When I said to you to go and cook yourself the uc, it was an image. A metaphor. An expression.

Practitioners claim that exposing your perineum to the sun generates an energy boost comparable to that of a cup of coffee.

Posted by VICE France on Thursday, October 13, 2022

8. Influencers who share their “menstrual blood mask” routines

Everything is in the title. Menstrual blood masks, these are women who collect the blood of their periods, spread it on their face, film themselves, and post it on Tiktok explaining how forrrrrrmidable it is for the skin. So forrrrrrrmidable that if you have any fungi, fungus, STIs or STDs, you will also spread them on your face. A little mask of bacteria to close the pores, it’s a treat.

9. The earwax candle trend

We’ve seen them all pass through our networks: many influencers have promoted a kind of candle to light before stuffing it in their ear. The product promise? Clean your ears and extract the wax. The reality of the product? A staggering inefficiency (but no?), risk of injury, skin reactions, pieces of candles in the ear, burns of the auditory canal, perforation of the eardrums,… It was really worth it, this promo code from hell !

10. Influencers who take methylene blue cures

Does that vaguely mean something to you? It’s normal ! Methylene blue is what we have all used at least once during SVT (“organic” for the oldest among us) to bring out the cells to be observed under the microscope. You remember ? It is also a product used to disinfect aquariums. In short, it would never occur to us to ingest such a thing, what! Well, it was without counting on this band of big brains, who decided to swallow it, defending a drink “boosting metabolism, fighting the effects of aging, improving cognitive abilities and even… Recovering from Covid-19” . AHAHAHAHAH. Although methylene blue is, in certain very specific cases, PRESCRIBED by doctors, it remains a disinfectant, which can be toxic if taken in too high doses. If taken together with another treatment, it could make this medicine less effective or make its side effects worse. Do not do that.

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