Top 10 words that have a double meaning and we don’t know it

Hello my little chrysanthemums, how are you? I’m punctured like a tire. HAHA MDR. You have it ? I used the word “crever” both in the sense of “tired” but also in the sense of “drill”. Do you appreciate this beautiful journey in polysemy? Good well as you must certainly smell it (boo it stinks of lavender). Okay, I’ll stop there, I can’t take it anymore to play with pain.

1. Bullfighting also means ejaculation

There are times when you think you have nothing more to learn from life and then you come across this kind of hilarious information. Well thank you Thomas Hercouët. I reassure you, I checked (we are very keen on fact checking at Topito, personally I got my gallop 4): bullfighting refers to the flow of a liquid and by extension to a good big squirt . Pff so try to continue your way quietly after this kind of linguistic revelation.

2. Disgusting, admirable? same fight !

Well it’s mostly in Quebec so don’t go complimenting your stepfather by telling him he’s disgusting. But Quebec or not, it still fucks the female dog.

3. Jig in song

We stay in Quebec (I promise you afterwards we will stop with Quebec expressions) with this funny expression which means what it means by us and qualifies a catchy song over there.

4. The comma has something to do with the rod

The history of the comma is not stung by cockchafers. Tell yourself that the elaborate system of punctuation was developed by Aristophanes (and you, what did you invent in your life?). But despite the great success of these little signals, we see them quickly disappear because they take up too much space on paper. We then end up with sentences where all the words are stuck together, great. It is only in the Middle Ages that we see punctuation and therefore commas again. Commas which then look like small tails, in other words a small rod. This is how the comma finds itself associated in spite of itself with the dick.

5. Once upon a time

In the genre, the word is mostly an example of a word whose usage has changed over time. Today we hear it in the sense of “a long time ago” but in reality the word means etymologically “a recent past time”. Suddenly we find ourselves with a word that typically means one thing and its opposite, it even bears the name of enantiosemes.

6. Don’t be half a jerk

We often tend to say of someone that he is not half a jerk when we precisely mean that he is a rather intelligent type of person. Well, the expression designates someone stupid as much as someone remarkable. Get on with it.

7. Go against, or go towards

We knew that the Swiss did nothing like everyone else but it must be said that using the word “against” to indicate a direction is particularly confusing. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel like going against the toilet at all in life.

8. Dodger? a nice shelter

Here is another word that has changed meaning over time, if the dodger represents for you a sunny place that is too hot, it also refers to a miserable shelter, without a roof, which is quite logical, you will recognize.

9. A scent of burnt musk

In the series of words that have an ass origin, I’m taking out the musky card for you. You know this term which more commonly refers to a very fragrant brown substance that is used mainly in perfumery. Well, musk basically means testicles. So when we talk about a musky smell we are talking about something that smells like balls, you will think about it the next time you buy your grandmother a perfume.

10. Building also means a cup of coffee without sugar

A much more common use than one might imagine and which can be found in some classics of French literature as evidenced by this very reliable and not at all faked extract from the Wikipedia page.


I slipped a fake news in this top, will you be able to find it?

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