Top 10 weirdest people you’ve met in kindergartens

Some parents postpone this deadline to the maximum, others rush into the breach as soon as they have the opportunity: the kindergarten alone crystallizes all of our anxieties. And above all, you meet a lot of weird people there.

1. This 12-year-old pre-teen who plays the big shot going up the toboggan upside down

As your 6 month old baby was about to descend quietly. So let’s be clear: we have nothing against those who go up the slide upside down. But only when our own child knows how to do it too. Otherwise it’s just called seum.

2. This caring mother

She explains very calmly to her son that, no, Isidor, it’s not okay to strangle the little boy with the waistband of your pants, shouting at him “die dirt”. I understand your need to express your anger but hear my displeasure with you.

3. This tall ponytailed girl who snubbed your sweetheart

When she just wanted to befriend her. Luckily, you’re not a psychopath and don’t have any DGSE entries, so you have no plans to make this adorable little girl’s life a living hell like Amélie Poulain who reverses the toothpaste of the Collignon grocer with foot cream. STOP! It’s no !

4. This guy in a raincoat squatting on the bench

He doesn’t seem to be supervising any child in particular but seems to have a whole stock of sweets in his pockets… Mickael Jackson at Neverland is Pierre Perret next to this guy. FLEE.

5. This father in a suit, his nose in his smartphone

He’s been sending e-mails for an hour and he just realized that he had “reply to all” instead of bitching aside. We tell him or not that his kid is on the verge of releasing a gerbean after his 27th round of the swing?

6. This parent with their twins running in opposite directions

He loses sight of one every 4 minutes and you detect the terror every micro second that happens. It’s as creepy as it is actually touching. And then we are not going to lie to each other: we are always happy to see a parent in more distress than us.

7. The one who sits at the top of the ladder

She’s blocking everyone but she doesn’t want to go down the slide or down the ladder. In fact, this little girl is the Gandhi of the sandbox, but without any claims. No doubt we will find her later on social networks, followed by 100K subscribers with whom she will share her promo codes.

8. That sh*tty dove hanging out in the sandbox

Yes, we admit it, pigeons make us violent. But you won’t make us believe that it doesn’t worry you, too, to see your kid approaching this stupid bird to try to pet him and make buddy buddy? Just talking about it we’ve already caught 3 diseases.

9. This kid who sands up everyone

Around him, they have all dropped the ramp for a long time. A halo of smoke constantly precedes it. His mother ended up blind and his father became asthmatic. Everyone has forgotten the original color of their clothes whose Instagram filter would be Sepia for eternity.

10. These parents who absolutely want to chat with you

No, we are not going to join the neighborhood AMAP, no, we are not going to come and plant tomatoes in the end of the shared vegetable garden on the other side of the slide and no, we are not going to oppose the construction of social housing which will dislodge red-haired ants. Good for the aperitif it can be negotiated if you agree to babysit us every Saturday.

We hope you have grown anthropologically after reading this top. Especially since you too have surely spotted some parents, children or other weird living species in kindergartens, right?

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