Top 10 Urban Legends About Video Games, Haunted Pokemon Music

The world of video games is a small fantasy world that is increasingly renowned, so it is quite logical that as it grows its history also evolves and that with it small legends are forged like we forge iron daggers in a loop in Skyrim to level up the linked skill. So here we’re going to talk about urban legends in the world of video games, exactly like when we talked about urban legends on the Internet, except that it’s not really the same subject.

1. Killswitch: The Game That Never Was

Might as well start this top with the strangest: a game that allegedly existed in the 80s and 90s but no one really has proof of it. The game allowed you to control a monster or a maiden and had the particularity of completely erasing if you finished it or had the misfortune to perish along the way. Probably more of a myth than a real story.

2. Pokémon Blue / Red: The Lavanville theme, the music of the game which would have caused suicides

In the first Gameboy Pokémon game published in Japan (green and red version transformed into blue and red) a particular music has fed urban legends on the internet. This is the theme of the city Lavanville (the one where there was the Pokémon cemetery), which would have been composed with notes that only children can hear and would have pushed them to suicide. Obviously it’s bullshit but people went super far in the interpretation because it obviously made them laugh.

3. Street Fighter 2: Sheng Long, the secret boss that didn’t exist

According to some rumors it existed in the game Street Fighter 2 a secret boss who answered to the name of Sheng Long. All of this was based on a sentence of the character Ryu who said at the end of a fight “you must first defeat Sheng Long to have a chance”. As a result, players have spent dozens of hours trying to fight the famous Sheng Long who simply did not exist because it was a translation error, Sheng Long being in fact one of the attacks from Ryu. It’s stupid.

4. Polybius: the game developed by the CIA to control people’s minds

In the heyday of arcade games in the 80s, a game called Polybius would have arrived in several arcades in Oregon. It was a shooter game that featured lots of rather flashy and strobe visual effects. According to several players side effects occur after playing including hallucinations, vomiting or memory loss. It was enough for people to imagine that the game had been created by the CIA to experiment on players, except that no, the game never existed.

5. Taboo: the game that predicted the future

At the time of the first Nintendo there was a curious game called Taboo. The concept of this one was really simple: you enter your name, age and gender and it draws several tarot cards to predict your future. That’s all. Overall we are faced with a really rotten game where there was nothing to do, which means that it quickly fell into oblivion. But a few years later the game returned to forums when several people said their loved ones had died just as the game predicted. It still seems far-fetched, but go figure.

6. Super Mario Galaxy 2: Valley of Hell

When we think of the world of Mario games, we think of green grass, cute mushrooms, beautiful little islands and overall sunshine, joy and happiness. That’s probably why the level of the game in which you can see three creepy figures on top of a mountain marked the players. In the game files snoopers found the file of these three silhouettes to be called “The Hell Valley Sky Tree”, which didn’t really help to give them a positive image and continues to be talked about years after their discovery.

7. GTA San Andreas : le big foot

Every episode of GTA has countless easter eggs and secrets, so when a rumor breaks most people believe it, because the producers have gotten us used to hiding amazing stuff in their games (like the heart inside the Statue of Liberty in GTA 4). That being said, despite the many rumors that said that Big Foot could appear on screen in the San Andreas campaign, the producers denied this information several times. But they brought it into Red Dead as a wink for the fans and that was nice.

8. NFL Madden: Curse of Madden

This extremely popular game series in North America is an equivalent of Fifa here: every year a Madden opus comes out and allows you to play American football. Except that over the years people began to think that every real athlete who ended up on the box of the game was then cursed: he injured himself, stopped his career or just became useless. People took several examples of sportspeople whose careers didn’t continue long after they appeared on the cover and presto, the curse was on.

9. Diablo: World of Cows

A strange urban legend was born at the time of the very first Diablo: there was a level of the game populated by cow warriors that we could face. Why did people go and imagine a hidden world like “The Planet of the Cows”? No idea, because nothing suggested that such a world could exist, but the rumor circulated for a long time. People have wild imaginations.

10. Elder Scrolls Morrowind: The Haunted Version of the Game

Those who knew the excellent game Morrowind probably know the story of the jvk1166z.esp mod, a modded version of the game that brought up a very creepy world. Already most of the characters were dead, we were being chased by a gigantic spider that wanted to kill us and everything was clearly super traumatic and in addition deleted the players’ saves. Except that it was actually bullshit, this version of the game did not exist but was however created by modders afterwards.

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