Top 10 TV shows that make us cry every time

We told you about the things that make you cry on TV, the sad ads in front of which you explode in tears and the depressing films to watch to leave in big tears, so good… Fucked up for fucked up, you might as well take stock of the shows that make us cry… A way to deal with our emotions, our tears and our noses full of snot, all together, united in pain.

1. It starts today

The concept : Faustine Bollaert invites, on her set, people wishing to share their story. The various witnesses enrich their experiences by discussing together around a specific theme, often linked to a complicated sentimental, family, friendly or professional environment.

Why do we cry : because that is the very purpose of the show. The subjects chosen are always terrible to live with and the guests of the forces of nature who have survived the worst. Inevitably, when we see someone tell with emotion how he overcame the insurmountable, we cry. It’s human, actually. It’s called “having a fucking heart.” Anyway, how to hold back tears when even the wonderful Faustina can’t, huh?

2. Masons of the Heart / All Together

The concept : whether in the American version (“Les maçons du cœur”) or in the French (“Tous ensemble”) the objective is the same: architects and strangers mobilize to renovate the home of a family in the need.

Why do we cry : because solidarity is beautiful bug. Also a little because the chosen families really have a terrible life, that the production films the moment when they explode in tears when they learn that their application has been accepted, and for the dubbing on the American version. Nah, I’m joking. The voice acting is horrible. Just like the intonation of Marc-Emmanuel.

In France, the program was stopped after a family complained about poorly carried out work.

3. Love is in the meadow

The concept : presented by Karine Le Marchand since the fifth edition, the show allows farmers looking for love to meet single viewers, and why not… To fall in love!

Why do we cry : because love is beautiful. In addition, the candidates chosen are ultra-endearing and sincere, so when they cry… Well, yeah, we cry with them, yeah!

A balance sheet filled with emotion ???

???? “I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in a review” A review filled with emotion for Karine Le Marchand, Laurent and Maud #REPLAY Le Review” available on 6play??

Posted by Love is in the meadow on Friday, December 6, 2019

4. See you in unknown territory

The concept : send a celebrity to a surprise destination, to meet an unknown people. The objective is to introduce viewers to a new culture, sometimes threatened traditions and the way of life of people who are often on the fringes of our daily lives.

Why do we cry : because this program touches us by the simplicity of the hosts and offers us moments of sharing full of emotions. A little humanity in this world of brutes, it pisses me off.

5. Star at home

The concept : after 18 years of absence, the program made a comeback this year. As the name suggests, stars go to their fan’s home to surprise them.

Why do we cry : because the show offers beautiful emotional scenes, and “It makes you cry to see the joy in the eyes of a fan”. Finally… that’s what my colleague explained to me who bursts into tears in front (it’s QuentinD, if you wonder).

6. Secret Box

The concept : three personalities find themselves on the set. In front of each, a small box. Inside: an object that reminds the star of a memory. After telling him, a much bigger box opens. This time, it is relatives who have come to surprise him who come out. Inevitably, if it makes us cry, it’s presented by… Faustine Bollaert. We have to stop playing on our sensitive cords like that, Faustine.

Why do we cry : memories, confessions, reunions, confidences, tears and Faustine. What more do you really need?

7. Married at First Sight

The concept : the candidates meet on their wedding day, at the town hall. Before putting the ring on your finger, they are selected by experts according to their compatibility. A mix of science, love and reality TV: the perfect recipe for getting attached to the participants and crying in front of their declas.

Why do we cry : « Love at first sight… It makes me a little thing. It clouds my eyes as if I were invited to the wedding… I have tears in my eyes, but sorry to love happiness, in fact. – QuentinD, always. This show touches him so much that he gives you recaps every week, by the way!

8. Beijing Express

The concept : THE BEST SHOW OF ALL TIME, in all objectivity. The rules are simple: it’s a race between several pairs, through different countries. The opportunity to discover breathtaking landscapes, while screaming behind your TV. GO PAPI JEAN-CLAUDE.

Why do we cry : because the candidates sleep with the locals and make incredible human encounters, because they support each other, help each other and share strong emotions, that we get caught up in the game, and that their joys or their sorrows touch us a bit though. BUT ABOVE ALL, we cry when Grandpa Jean-Claude cries. When Grandpa Jean-Claude says he’s proud of his grandson. When Grandpa Jean-Claude smiles. When Grandpa Claude is eliminated… BOUHOUUUUHOUUUU COME BACK PAPI.

9. Baby Boom

The concept : it’s a docu-reality that shows the daily life of different maternities. We follow families, often expecting their first child, from their arrival at the hospital to their new life together.

Why do we cry : the new parents are very moved, they cry of joy and their emotion pierces the screen. Quite simply. And then… What to see these little slimy things coming into the world, in fact?

10. Animals to adopt

The concept : the appointment to cry all his Sunday evening. The program proposes to follow the story of animals, from their arrival in a shelter to their adoption by a new family. The opportunity to also discover behind the scenes of these places, the daily life of employees and volunteers, and to cry. A lot.

Why do we cry : Bah… We see the SPA employees welcome abandoned or half-dead animals, which no one wants, all to super sad music. Go ahead, try to resist the close-ups on the eyes of this three-legged dog that his master has mistreated for years… IMPOSSIBLE. And the worst thing is that even when people come to adopt these unfortunate beasts, we still cry because… damn the little cat who has AIDS and the pox, well… he still found a family. And then, after there’s… and then also the… ah damn I can’t write any more, I’m sobbing in a ball on the floor of my living room. (Here, the testimony of Pierre Galouise)

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