Top 10 TV Clips From The 2000s That Didn’t Go At All That’s A Little Bit Problematic

We know them, ” it was better before “ and the “we can’t say anything more”, and we can understand that some feel overwhelmed by the new standards (even if you have to move on guys). But when we rewatch TV from the 2000s and see some totally problematic extracts, we say to ourselves that no, it was not necessarily better to be able to do everything and say everything. We have gained a bit from the exchange. A bit much.

1. Rocco Siffredi who sexually assaults Cécile de Ménibus in Cauet TV

Forcibly placing a woman in a humiliating position to show everyone her thong is already heartbreaking, but when it’s done under cries of « Vas-y Rocco sors ta kekette », we reach the quintessence of the disgusting. This excerpt is one of the worst things we’ve seen on TV. Really.

2. Jean-Pascal who complimented Jenifer’s thong in Star Ac’

We will remember this magnificent intervention: “I would eat your thong more than your ass”. We don’t even understand the meaning of this sentence, but whatever happens, it’s not jojo and it would be hard to see that on TV today.

3. Jamel Debouzze who kisses a candidate forcibly in the Burger Quiz

Yes, the candidate laughs, but she laughs because she is terribly embarrassed and she doesn’t dare to pack up a super famous guy in front of other stars as well as hundreds of thousands of viewers. Her only way out was to feign amusement and try as best she could to avoid Jamel’s kisses. It’s pretty hard to see today.

4. Mario from Star Ac’ who asks if his shirt “isn’t too fag”

And Jean-Pascal who arrives behind asking him: “Aren’t you a fag? »

We had forgotten how normalized homophobia was on television before.

5. Patrick Devedjian calls Anne-Marie Comparini a slut

While Michel Havard, from the UMP group, had eliminated the outgoing MoDem MP Anne-Marie Comparini in the legislative elections, Patrick Devedjian came to congratulate him by announcing: “Here is the one who beat Anne-Marie Comparini! He made a splash! » before adding: “That bitch! » International class.

6. Leo physically attacking FX in Secret Story

The most scandalous is not so much that an altercation took place between the two men, but it is the fact that we broadcast all this on a general public channel without asking any questions. Anyway, reality TV at the time was, in general, hyper problematic.

7. The Ordeal of the Pipes in Fort Boyard

It has since been removed for obvious reasons of sexism, but before that it didn’t shock anyone to fuck chicks in cleavage in a position allowing their boobs to be filmed well. We did not really see the problematic side of the thing.

8. When Loana and Jean-Edouard slept in the Loft Story pool

The mere fact that these images could have been shown even once on screens is completely twisted. It did not help Loana to have a balanced life afterwards.

9. This embarrassing intervention by François in the first Star Ac’

“The blacks raise their hands, the North Africans raise their hands, the French Raise your hand, Asians raise your hand…”

The poor guy wanted to do well and convey a message of tolerance, but he did it in the worst possible way, and it really hurts when we see him again today.

10. And pretty much every presentation on the NEXT show

Presentations mainly based on ass and clichés about girls, guys, gays and lesbians. Trash TV as we knew how to do at the time.

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