Top 10 tray changes over time

1. His name comes from the laurel wreath

It comes from the Latin “bacca laurea” which means “laurel crown”, an honorary distinction in the image of this precious diploma that we are very happy to have in our pocket.

2. The word “bachelor” has an amazing meaning

On the other hand, the word “bachelor” does not have the same origins at all and qualifies a noble man who wishes to become a knight. Suffice to say that we are quite far from the current concept.

3. We haven’t always had so many candidates

The very first baccalaureate session (as Napoleon redesigned it) had only 39 candidates in 1809.

4. In 1964, for the first time, there were as many high school leavers as high school leavers

It must be said that before, we did not really encourage women to study. And again, that’s an understatement: the truth is rather that they were dissuaded. But over time, things have improved, and the statistics of the tray have become a good indicator to see it.

5. The baccalaureate exams were maintained even during the Second World War

Proof of the importance of the diploma, France had decided to maintain the bac exams while the country was at war. Many events had been decentralized or staggered, and some took place in university cellars to avoid being interrupted by conflict. The atmosphere must have been a bit tense all the same…

6. High school has been free since 1930

Well, there are still private and paying high schools huh, but imagine that before 1930, you had to drop some small stuff for high school and therefore pass the baccalaureate (there were only too cool people like Marcel Pagnol who were scholarship holders).

7. The bac pro exists since 1985

Before it was clearly only an amateur baccalaureate. Obviously not. If we talk about bac pro it is because it is aimed at people who intend to work just after their diploma.

8. Julie-Victoire Daubié was the first woman to pass the baccalaureate in 1861

It was she who paved the way for the baccalaureate with the help of Empress Eugénie. However, it will be necessary to wait quite a few more years before women put their nose to it, there are still only 10 candidates in 1892 and 100 in 1909…

9. Initially, there were no mentions

In Napoleon’s time, there was no rating or mention system like today. We couldn’t even tell it to ourselves by saying that we had received a Very Good mention, can you imagine? All this only appeared in 1840, about 30 years after the very first session.

10. We have already canceled the baccalaureate exams

Well yes guys, don’t you remember it was in 2020? A second history after the first history of 1968.

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