Top 10 times when people clap and it’s ridiculous

At Topito, we hate joie de vivre and we love to despise people who marvel at nothing. So inevitably, we judge our peers who seem happy on a daily basis and the greatest manifestation of joy with laughter is applause. Please stop being enthusiastic all the time, it looks like you’re doing it on purpose to annoy us.

1. At the end of the film at the cinema

Cinema lovers like silence, complete darkness and peaceful outings. They hate more than anything people who whisper, who chew for 1 hour and who look at their phone in the middle of the movie. But here we are, we live in society and we must remain magnanimous. On the other hand, we judge all the people who scream in the middle of the film, who throw objects, who stand up and who applaud at the end. There are even some cheering IN THE MIDDLE of the movie (yes Marvel fans I’m talking to you). The screen can’t hear you guys, we’re not at the theater. You better stay home to watch the best movies on Netflix.

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2. When the plane lands

Do you applaud the bus driver when he drops you off at rue de l’Eglise? No, definitely not. In this case, why applaud the plane pilot who landed his Boeing at Orly? It’s super weird, it would be funny that it’s a feat not to have killed everyone. If we clap on the plane, I’m going to launch a petition so that we also clap on the RER otherwise it’s not fair.

Top 10 times when people clap and its ridiculous

3. The audience on the TV set when columnists clash

On TV sets where columnists chat with guests while drinking from their mugs with a show logo on it, there is always a super attentive and a little ass-kissing audience. When a clash begins between a columnist and a guest, there is always a punchline that provokes a round of applause. It’s a bit embarrassing because it cuts off the debate and we are entitled to close-ups on the face of the guy who is super proud of his argument.

Top 10 times when people clap and its ridiculous

4. When you drop your tray at the school cafeteria

Whether you were a popular student or a bully in middle school, there was one shameful moment no one could escape, our worst middle school memory of all. You walk quietly to sit at a table, you lose your balance and you drop your tray on the floor. The glass bounces around several times and eventually breaks, resulting in the most awkward applause of your life.

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5. When a guy proposes in public

We all go through very awkward moments in life, but I don’t wish anyone to receive a marriage proposal in a public place, especially if there are a lot of people you know. Instinctively, everyone thinks the answer is going to be positive and the spectators wait impatiently for a chance to applaud. Horrible.

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6. At 8 p.m. on your balcony

Do you remember the time when we applauded caregivers instead of giving them decent working conditions, higher wages and suitable equipment? Ptdr what memories.

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7. When you blow out your candles at the Buffalo Grill

We have always been used to applauding people as they blow out their candles. While in real life it’s fine, it’s not a feat either. It’s even worse when it’s in a restaurant, everyone stares at you while people sing that lame song.

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8. When your child does something lame that you consider an achievement

We always do a little too much with children, especially when it’s our own offspring. We go “OOOH”, “AAAAH” and say sentences that we would never have thought to pronounce like “HE MADE CACA IT’S TOO GOOD! “. We should still calm down.

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9. encores in concerts

It has become a standard accepted by all, there is always an encore at the end of a concert. It’s ridiculous but we all play the game watching the artists leave the stage and come back for one last song to the applause of the audience. Maybe we could stop this charade and get the latest song right away, right?

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10. When the Fair Price candidate is chosen from the public

It was still crazy this show, the candidate had not even started to play that 150 people were already applauding him and making the ola in the public. So much enthusiasm, it’s almost scary.

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