Top 10 things you see with every goal on TV in the World Cup

There are essentials at the World Cup: the Belgians who are beaten when they thought they were world champions, the Asian teams who run a lot but lose and then the director’s plans with each goal, some of which will remain as Highlights from this edition. Even if these images are always the same in fact.

1. A crying kid

A big zoom on a kid who cries with big tears because his team of big losers is being beaten. And his father next door who doesn’t really care. Probably because he cries too.

Foot rp mandanda

2. Dancing supporters, often a (pretty) girl

Goals in football there are not many in general (except when it is Costa Rica which plays). So when the ball rattles the net, everyone goes crazy. It’s time for the director to choose a spectator who makes the most of it. If in addition the supporter in question is a (pretty) girl with a shirt that is obviously too small, even better. “It’s for the ratings coco”

3. A guy just happy to be on screen

Football, yeah he likes it. But what he wants is to appear on the screens of the stadium and on all the TVs in the world for a few seconds. If it’s an English supporter, he will be shirtless.

5. A coach who secretly thinks he’s coached badly

His team has just conceded a goal. One more bullshit goal. Working for 4 years, getting sleepless nights and getting in knots in the brain for THIS?! But not so secretly since we can read on his lips that he is relatively unhappy with his “DOG BALLS DAMN, BUT THEY ARE CONS!! »

6. A disillusioned defender who looks at his goalkeeper who has failed and who secretly thinks that he is a cripple

And who then looks at his trainer from afar, telling him with his eyes: “Didn’t I tell you that this goalkeeper sucks and that you should have put another one?. Because a defender is rarely his fault anyway.

7. A goalkeeper who raises his arms from his goal and crosses the entire field to congratulate the striker

A goalkeeper, often he is alone, often he gets bored isolated in his surface. So when his team scores, he sprints and throws himself into the arms of his teammates. And we see him running like a rabbit from the camera placed behind the goal.

Infographie topito foot cdm

8. A coach who makes grand gestures to replace his team because he is already in the next move

When you know the camera is going to pass on you after a goal, make tons of it. While your players are still kissing and more so, the coach in costume is in his role, that of the thinker, the one who anticipates. He strikes the pose of someone thinking while inside he’s exploding screaming “WE’RE GOING TO FUCK THEM!”

9. The star player of the team who raises his arms and berates his teammates for the goal they have just taken

And who therefore regrets not playing with players of his level. It would be so much easier if everyone was like him. That’s what he said to himself again this morning, looking at himself in the mirror, and thinking to himself that he was damn handsome after all.

10. An Algerian flag

Don’t ask us what he’s doing there, we don’t know and NOBODY knows for sure.

The Algerian flag

What’s going on in the head of the Algerian flag? Lamine has the answer To see it in real life it’s next Thursday at the Olympia and it’s this way, there are still places left:

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11. (Bonus) Mapbbé smiling

Because deep down we know it’s always Mbappé who ends up scoring.

Take a good look at the next game, you will see all that and if not read this book you will understand better:

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