Top 10 things we all drew when we were kids

1. A sun with sunglasses

Whereas the sun, he doesn’t actually need “his” glasses. It does not make sense. It’s even completely off the mark.

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2. … By the way, the sun was always placed in the left corner of the sheet

With unequal rays, sometimes presenting an alternation of colors, for an aesthetic question. Why put the star in a corner of the paper? Well, where else would you put the clouds? We have to give them space! Be logical.

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3. Birds in V

Very practical this concept of wings. In a stroke of the pen we had the impression of being Van Gogh. But Jacques Van Gogh. A distant cousin. Not very talented it must be admitted.

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4. Stick Figures

Because the concept of volume and articulation of the limbs was completely beyond us.

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5. … Or bodiless men

A big head, arms and legs. We weren’t very good at representation, but we didn’t forget to draw shoes and straight hair on the heads of our characters. We weren’t monsters either, huh!

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6. A perfectly geometric house

A square for the walls, a triangle for the roof and rectangles for the windows or doors. A Cartesian mind that was already projecting the world into a universe guided by the God of geometry and mathematics. It’s as creepy as it is impressive. Bullied and misunderstood geniuses.

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7. Snails with (very) large shells

So anyway, it’s just a slimy mollusk that drools and doesn’t move very quickly. Nothing super aesthetic, but hey… There was still something very satisfying about making a spiral. I don’t know why this shape fascinates us so much when we’re little, but it was clearly THE most stylish SHAPE, the one to master to shine in the playground.

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8. Characters “manga style” but very ugly and very failed

With big eyes that looked like anything but eyes. There was intention, the desire to do well, artistic and aesthetic projects, but some shortcomings in terms of implementation, unfortunately.

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9. The “American S”, made by connecting 6 small bars together

Suffice to say that once the technique was mastered, we drew it absolutely everywhere! On all the pages of our course notebooks, in the diaries of our friends, and for the most rebellious among us: on the tables of the classrooms (it’s not good, don’t do that). It was kind of THE drawing to master in middle school to be part of the “cool team”.

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10. Our hand, by placing it on the sheet and outlining it with a marker

THE drawing that totally ruined our hands. In general, after this exercise (perilous, all the same, let’s not take all the credit), we ended up with more ink on the skin than on the sheet. But what do you want? You have to know how to give of your person to make art live, in fact.

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