Top 10 things to remember from the UNFP trophy, better than the Caesars

Yesterday was the 30th ceremony of the UNFP Football Trophies which rewards French professional footballers (for those who don’t know what it is), there were some little surprises (like Donnarumma who was voted best goalkeeper in the League 1 MDRRR) and speeches that were intended to be funny like Adil Rami, this little comic.

Here’s a little recap of what we remembered from the ceremony and promised, we’re not going to talk to you only about Mbappé.

1. Mbappé’s pseudo declaration on his potential departure

Ok sorry I lied from the intro… I said that I won’t talk too much about Mbappé but I think that if we talk about the ceremony we have to talk about the pseudo announcement of the young Parisian who will become maybe Madrid very soon.

When he collected his trophy for best player in Ligue 1, journalists necessarily took the opportunity to ask him the fatal question “is your decision made on the continuation of your career in Paris”, and Mbappé replied that his decision was indeed taken, but that he would not say more about it because he did not want to monopolize the ceremony. Well it’s a good try but in the end everyone only talks about him, especially since the announcement is coming very soon since Kyky said he would make his decision public before the France team meets. I sleep more at night personally.

2. Ah and suddenly he was voted best player in Ligue 1

Well that goes without saying but we specify it anyway, Mbappé did not go on stage just to make a statement on the rest of his career in Paris, but to receive the UNFP trophy for best player in Ligue 1. His third title of best Ligue 1 player in 4 seasons. It’s a lot.

3. Gianluigi Donnarumma is voted best goalkeeper in Ligue 1 (lol)

Ok why not… ah bah yes maybe because it was largely because of his gross error that PSG were eliminated in the round of 16 against Real. As the tweet just below says very well, how can you be voted the best goalkeeper in Ligue 1 when you are not even the best goalkeeper of your club?

4. Bruno Génésio, best coach in Ligue 1

Little Bruno, who had already made himself look like a dirty Lyon, took his revenge with Rennes and was elected best coach in Ligue 1. Just after his title, he declared to journalists “it’s not revenge, it’s a pleasure that I share with all the people I work with, whom I love around me: my loved ones, my family, my children”, but yes, Bruno, it’s not revenge, we believe you ( we know you’re jubilant, don’t lie).

5. William Saliba is voted best prospect in Ligue 1

A title that is pleasing just after OM were beaten at the post by Monaco, which went second in Ligue 1, and lost 2-0 against Rennes last Saturday, clearly the Marseillais are not ending their season in style. This title puts a little balm in the little heart of Marseille who will have to fight to hope for qualification in the Champions League next year.

6. Benzema elected best French player abroad (normal we want to tell you)

Wow, we weren’t expecting it at all, almost as much suspense as during the presidential election, and suddenly Benzema won the prize for best player abroad, for the third time in a row, it’s even funnier.

7. Marie-Antoinette Katoto wins the award for the best women’s D1 player (and she doesn’t seem to give a damn like the year 40)

When Marie-Antoinette won the title, she was already not there when the prize was awarded (but we don’t blame her, because she was going to play a match the next day), but above all she shot a short video with Laurina Fazer, also from PSG, who wins the prize for the best female hope, and the two look very very jaded. It doesn’t mean that they really are, certainly not, but it would be a question of putting a little more spirit next time the girls, at least pretending what.

8. And don’t forget the Ligue 2 awards…

In Ligue 2, Van Den Boomen won the best player award. The midfielder had a very good season with Toulouse, which will return to Ligue 1 next season.

9. …and those for the referees

Everyone hates them and moreover Adil Rami said himself, “we love them like the mother-in-law of our ex” (very comical little Adil), in short you get the idea. As a result, it is Benoît Bastien, who wins the title of best central referee and Cyril Gringore who wins that of best assistant referee.

10. Adil Rami officially launches into stand-up

What should be remembered above all is that Adil Rami clearly took himself for Gad Elmaleh throughout the ceremony. We don’t really know if we liked it or if it was just embarrassing, but we must at least salute the audacity. Making jokes about Pamela Anderson (his ex), throughout the ceremony, is a project like any other, we just wonder if his new companion, who was in the room, really liked the moment.

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