Top 10 things to know about the Men of the future, not necessarily canons of beauty

Did you know that in the past (I’m talking to you about a time that those less than really many thousands of years ago cannot know), we had claws instead of fingernails, a bead at the level of the arcade and short legs but very long arms? It’s part of what has changed physically in us with natural evolution. Well it’s not over! The evolution continues, and the human of the year 3000 will be very different from what we are today (well… If we imagine that the Earth will not have exploded before because of our bullshit, lol).

1. He will only have 4 toes

And it is the smallest of the band who will bow out, since since man has been wearing shoes, he is no longer of much use in supporting our bodies. In the past, people with “long little toes” had a better chance of getting by in life. Now that we no longer have much use for them, they tend to be shorter and shorter. It is therefore likely that one day they will become downright non-existent. Alleeeeez, no more malevolent corners of sofas, too lively door corners and any other edges that had the annoying tendency to go after him!

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2. More wisdom teeth

Under the heading of body parts that should disappear, wisdom teeth are at the top of the list. Initially, they allowed our ancestors to chew hard foods. From now on, we eat softer or cut into small pieces, so good… Big molars are a bit of a has-been. Take heart, your great great great grandchildren may no longer need to worry about whether it is better to remove them under local or general anesthesia, whether they really have enough room or not, ect ect .

3. His fingers will be crooked

Ahhhhh, finally, we enter the glamorous part of the subject! Due to the constant use of smartphones and computer keyboards, human fingers may become crooked and more tense. You hear it, your grandmother proudly chanting to you, “You oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I told you it was better before, and that your technologies, there, it’s scary!” »?

4. His elbows will be constantly bent at 90°

And whose fault, once again? Blame it on that damn phone that we hold with our elbows bent, and our position to type on the computer, of course!

Shopping mosaique telephone

5. He will have a blue light blocking eyelid

Yes yes. In 3000, humans will probably have two eyelids: the one we also have, and a second, whose mission will be to protect the eyes from screen light. Similarly, a lens adapted to this light could also appear inside the eye.

6. His neck will sink

Yes… We always talk about the consequences of this small object that is the laptop, on our health and appearance. I’m starting to agree with grandma: it’s freaking out. By dint of living headlong towards our screen, humans could see their necks shrink to always stay forward.

7. …and his back to slouch

Who says looking down also says curved back! By force, Man could unconsciously force his spine to adapt to this by arching naturally. We talk about “tech neck” to designate neck pain related to the position of the head down. From generation to generation, these pains could become generalized, and the shoulders would naturally position themselves towards the front of the body. Consequence: a more curved back. And I’m not talking about Julien. You have it ?

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8. A larger skull

If your grandmother hasn’t already done so, it was your mother who repeatedly warned you: “The waves emitted by electronic devices are bad for the brain! Attention “. Well, listen to your ancestors, a little! They are telling the truth on this one! So true that our skull itself should choose to thicken, developing denser bone mass, in order to protect the brain.

9. … for a smaller brain

For now, everything is based on theory only, but scientists assume that technological advances destroy brain capacities, by the response they give without cerebral effort. For example, for centuries, humans no longer need to know how to hunt to eat: the brain has therefore eliminated this skill, which is no longer of any use to us. However, if progress is advancing again and again, in 1000 years, we may no longer need to know how to do much by ourselves.

10. It will be smaller

Along the same lines as the previous point: human beings no longer need to be big and strong to survive in a hostile world. If the survival of the future depends on its ease in exploiting technologies, no need to be a giant. On the contrary. Afterwards, getting smaller is no big deal: there are plenty of advantages to being small!

11. Bonus: Meet Mindy, the Year 3000 Human Projection

Bg, isn’t it?

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