Top 10 things to know about nannies of stars, a very difficult job

Many young children spend their days at the crèche, with a nanny or a babysitter. It was probably your case but you weren’t a star child and that makes all the difference (no, it doesn’t matter if your father performed with his high school band at the music festival in 1983) . Some celebrities have very special requirements for the nannies of their children and we reveal some of their secrets.

1. They must be available all the time

Do you remember Andrea in The devil wears Prada ? It’s kind of the same except you have to babysit instead of buying macchiatos. When someone is selected to babysit for a celebrity family, they usually have to agree to be available at all times should their schedule change. A little restrictive all the same.

2. They must be able to protect the children from the paparazzi

Even if the celebrities are permanently exposed to the view of all, they do not necessarily want to do the same thing to their children. Many music or movie stars try to hide their children from the paparazzi to protect them and nannies need to be able to do the same in their absence.

3. They are not allowed to use their phone

It’s not a generality, but some celebrities are very strict about the rules imposed on people who babysit their children. At Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, the nannies are not allowed to use their phones during their working hours, not even to look at the time.

4. Their whole life is searched

When celebrities wish to hire a nanny, specialized agencies are responsible for verifying all the information concerning the candidates. Unlike a traditional job, we don’t just read their CV: we check their entire past by searching as much as possible. The goal is to ensure that they are competent people, of course, but also trustworthy people who will not reveal personal information to the press.

5. There are a lot of benefits in kind

Taking care of children of stars means living their daily life as privileged children. So that means spending time in villas, luxury hotels, yachts and luxury vacation homes. By dint of spending so much time with a family, some nannies almost become part of it and can enjoy many advantages of a star life.

6. There are very specific requirements

When you are used to being able to obtain everything, you no longer hesitate to make strange requests and the nannies of stars know it well. For example, Kate Gosselin’s babysitters had to take care of the chickens in the garden in addition to the eight children. Victoria Beckham asked all her nannies to call themselves “Jo” in front of her children because one of her children was very fond of her first nanny who was called that. We would like to know the fads of all the celebrities but we know that some require that their nanny wears a specific perfume, that she sings for the children or speaks to them in another language.

7. They may have bounties for strange reasons.

Since celebrities obviously do a bit of what they want, some nannies receive bonuses for very specific reasons. At the Kardashian-West, nannies have received bonuses after successfully putting the children to bed without too much difficulty or giving them a bath without them complaining.

8. The richest celebrities have multiple nannies

No matter how many children there are, celebrities usually don’t have just one nanny. For example, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have six nannies to look after their three children. As the family is the permanent target of the paparazzi (and probably of malicious people), the couple decided to hire a lot of staff to ensure the protection of their children. Thus, there is necessarily someone at home with their children in addition to them, even when the whole family is asleep.

9. They often have to dress up

The babysitters of stars, men as well as women, must regularly dress up to entertain the children. Singer Gwen Stefani asked everyone taking care of her children to dress up as superheroes (which must have been a bit awkward during walks in the park).

10. Children’s clothes are VERY important.

When you’re a star child, you don’t dress just any old way and the nannies know it very well. Children, even very young ones, regularly wear luxury brands and have a dressing room bigger than your apartment. At the Kardashians, North’s dressing room is equipped with a computer to ensure that the little girl never wears the same clothes twice.

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