Top 10 things that will be so cool when you retire at 80

You are not unaware that we are on a small retirement subject at the moment. It’s not great news, all right-wing governments have always tried to cut corners on the pension system. So I wonder why we quibble. We might as well retire directly at 80 years old. After all, it’s not that bad, once we get used to it, it won’t be a problem for us.

1. It’s still more fun to die at your workplace than alone in your bed

Uh HELLOOOOOO do you really want to die of old age alone in your bed when you could be lucky enough to die from yet another accident at work due to bodily mobility problems?

2. We will have less time to be bored alone at home after having worked for the past sixty years

Work is fun. Yes, yes, I assure you. It’s still better to go to work at the factory than to sink on your sofa, huh? Are you going to tell me otherwise? Well there you go. ZOO.

Plan de travail 1 copie 8

3. It’s an opportunity to stay close to your colleagues until the end

Anyway all your friends will be ded. At least, your colleagues, you will be able to keep them until the end.

4. With a little luck you will be able to work with your children and your great-grandchildren within the same company

And then you’re going to make me believe that it’s not a humanistic measure???

5. Being unemployed at 78 is really classy

Much easier to manage old people in the line of Pole Emploi, with their small constitution there will be less risk that they physically attack the advisers of the agency.

6. Teleworking from the Ehpad is super friendly

In addition socially you stay really active it’s really great and then like that, a third of your salary will be able to pay the Ehpad. And then with the video, your colleagues will be able to know if you are mistreated by the nursing staff of the place, it is very reassuring.

Topito rp teletravail chomage2

7. Much less dress pressure

No more need to put on slim moulax, virgin deodorant, white sneakers, caps backwards. As evidenced by this list of gifts to make to a retiree, the fashion accessories inherent in the payroll will no longer be appropriate. FINALLY !

8. When you have no teeth meals go faster

Zéparti for soup, mashed potatoes or the feed bottle. A 3-minute flat meal, nothing like it to delight your employer. #efficiency

9. With senility you will forget how much your job makes you drunk day after day

This is a good reason to welcome your failing memory. It will be very useful to forget that you have osteoarthritis, or that you would like to rest more.

10. Until then, you won’t have the means to put on the heating in the winter or withstand the heat waves in the summer, so you might as well work in a place that has these luxury accessories.

The office of the future is the new home. HURRY.

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