Top 10 things that didn’t age well in sitcoms

Today I probably won’t make up for it in the eyes of the fans of Friends that I had included in the top of the most overrated series, but here we have to talk about these old sitcoms. Series that are very nice for the most part, but which, in certain aspects, have aged badly. Let’s take a look at these things that no longer work in 2022.

1. People who live beyond their means

At one time, you could sell dreams by making the public believe that a waitress and her unemployed roommate could live in a 100m2 apartment in the heart of New York and order meals every day, but today we no longer believe in it at all. The crisis having passed by there, it became even less credible than before. What would be more realistic would be to see 6 people living in 35m2 in the suburbs, eating buttery pasta with every meal. There, we would gladly believe it.

Home friends

2. The pre-recorded laughs

At first, it made sense since the series were shot in public, then we released the public (who didn’t always laugh at the right time) to replace it with pre-recorded laughter, and it became really ridiculous. 20 years ago it was fine, but today it’s clearly become as unbearable as a mosquito that decided to sing a cappella in your ears in the middle of the night.


3. Apartments that can only be seen from one angle

It’s not a big deal, huh, but let’s say that we’ve seen this process a little too much and that after a while you have to know how to move on. It’s like my father, for more than 20 years, he always had profiteroles for dessert when we went to the restaurant, and then one day he decided to change. Do like my father.

Big bang theory

4. Grossophobia

Yes, this is particularly Friends who will take (even if it is not the only one concerned) because the jokes about Monica who was fat do not pass at all today. At the time it was funny, but now we still know how to make jokes a little more shrewd.


5. Homophobia

Many series have fallen into this trap, even if we often point the finger Friends. One could cite for example H et Seinfeld, who had the easy homophobic joke. It made us laugh in the 90s, we’re not going to pretend, but since then we’ve evolved a lot.

H serie

6. Friends spending their day at the bar or cafe

We know that if the characters never work and meet all the time at the bar, it’s so that the series is not boring and that the guys are often in the same room, but there are surely other processes to bring them together. Processes that would not have already been used more than 1000 times.

How i met bar

7. People who walk into other people’s homes without knocking or saying hello

Fortunately, since that time, we have invented a magic trick called the “lock”. It just prevents people from showing up at your house to help themselves to your fridge and talk to you about the chutney they got while you were quietly watching the TV.

Kramer seinfeld

8. The incompetent dad who doesn’t give a damn and doesn’t know how to take care of his kid

Kind Howard in Big Bang Theory who would rather geek than help his wife Bernadette who is pregnant with their second child. At this point in the series, the guy is hateful. Fortunately, we all know what mental load is today. Nope ?

Howard bernadette 1

9. The hunk who makes plans to nab chicks and tej them without any qualms

Yes, we obviously think of guys like Joey from FriendsCharlie de My uncle Charlieor Barney ofHow I Met. It’s hard to understand why the rest of their band stay friends with them when, in real life today, the guys would be multi-cancelled. After yes, we understood that it was a comic spring, but we must admit that it has taken a good old look since MeToo.


10. Married couples who hate each other and talk like crap

Did you know: in real life, you can be happily married. The cliché of marriage that ends love hasn’t made anyone laugh for about 20 years.

Maries deux enfants

11. (Bonus) People Watching Them

In the end, it is perhaps we who have aged the worst. Well not me, but you yeah. You took too much.

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