Top 10 things that are much less rare than you think

Have you ever had a birthday party where two people were born on the same day? It seems like a stupid question, but at a party where there are twenty-five people present there is more than a 50% chance that two of the participants share the same date of birth. Sometimes, certain things that seem improbable and that we think are rare actually happen very often, and it is these kinds of events that we propose to talk about now.

1. An asteroid enters the Earth’s atmosphere

We often see it in disaster or apocalyptic films and we tell ourselves that it can’t happen to us at all. In fact NASA said that it happens once a year that an asteroid the size of a car enters the atmosphere. Fortunately since they are “small” they catch fire quite quickly. It’s if the thing was as big as the state of Texas that you should worry and call Bruce Willis.

2. Twin children

Not only is it not so rare but it is also increasing: until the 80s there were 2% of twins in newborn babies, 2.5% in the 90s and now we are around 3.3% so at the ladle one in thirty babies. The age of pregnancy or in vitro fertilization which has become widespread would tend to increase the number, that or cloning.

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3. A total solar eclipse

Those who were born in 98 may remember the solar eclipse of the time that we were presented with as something that we would probably only see once in our shitty lives. So obviously that would be bullshit because if you travel to the right place at the right time on the surface of the globe you could see one almost every 18 months. What is rarer on the other hand is to see a total eclipse of the heartso far the only person to have experienced one is Bonnie Tyler.

4. Have royal blood

You have two parents, four grandparents, sixteen great-grandparents… Just if you trace your family tree back ten generations, you would already count about 1024 people and more than a billion over thirty generations. That’s exactly why the likelihood of you having royal blood is really, really high, because we’re all cousins. Big family reunion at the Queen of England next week by the way.

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5. Discover a new species

While we agree, it’s the fact of discovering a new species that is not rare, not the fact that you even discover one like that one evening while taking out the trash. It is estimated that nearly 91% of underwater species remain to be discovered and that between 15 and 20,000 new species are referenced each year. The only problem is that they die quickly because we do anything with the planet on the other hand.

6. Climb Everest

Be careful, the ascent of Everest is horrible since you can die there and come across a bunch of corpses. However, it’s not only not impossible, but it’s still quite common for people to succeed because in the spring of 2019 alone, 563 people succeeded. The real ones do it in winter in briefs anyway.

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7. Dating a Millionaire

Are you on dating apps and want to date someone with a good situation? According to some statistics, you would have a one in 216 chance of succeeding. Well that makes them people to date, but actually it’s getting “easier” because the number of millionaires around the world is increasing, about 3% of the population. Suddenly, it’s even more impressive, try to aim for the billionaire directly.

8. Die on his birthday

Dying on your birthday is not that rare, in fact you are 14% more likely to die on your birthday than any other day of the year, which party” as my grandmother would say. Look on the bright side, it makes more cake for others.

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9. See a shooting star

Generally we tend to believe that we can see shooting stars only at a certain time of summer, which is completely false. We are likely to see them almost every night if there are not too many clouds and nocturnal pollution. Exactly like Francis Lalanne, he often hides on the sidewalks on clear nights.

10. Die centenarian

Good news, according to a study those in their 20s today are twice as likely to live to be 100 as their parents and three times as likely as their grandparents. It means we can all shit on each other and eat compote together, and that’s great news.

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