Top 10 things that are forbidden in the metro, we learn things

Every year, we discover new forbidden things and we continue to live in denial. In the Paris metro, there are plenty of rules that no one really respects; we doubt that they exist but we act as if we did not know in order to live more peacefully. The problem is that we are less clever when a fine falls on us.

1. Forgetting an object in a vehicle or RATP space

We know that abandoned luggage pisses everyone off on the train, on the RER and even on the metro, but do you know how much it costs to forget a bag on the Parisian bus or metro? 150 balls. Yeah anyway, it’s better to buy a new bag than to go and claim it.

2. Irregular animal transport in a vehicle

Until recently, dogs that did not fit in a bag had to be equipped with their own transport ticket. Like they had to buy it themselves with their paws on the terminal, a delirium the thing. Now, dogs no longer need to pay but the RATP is stricter on the list of authorized animals: only dogs on a leash and animals locked in a bag or a cage. We will therefore no longer be able to see goats or ponies, which is a shame.

3. Undue occupation of a reserved seat

We know that some places on the bus are reserved for people with disabilities or who carry life. Obviously, we have all already occupied these places when no one needed them, but imagine that this behavior is punishable by a fine of 150€. While no one is using the place. Scandal.

4. Distribution of leaflets

Have you ever wondered why you see people handing out leaflets outside the metro but never inside? Simply because it is forbidden. If you want to advertise in the hallways, you just have to pay €40,000 for a week, easy as pie.

5. Take a lane in the wrong direction

The corridors of the metro are often crowded and to cut off traffic directions (and keep lanes for emergencies), there are corridors with no entry signs. Innocently, I thought that these signs were there to avoid getting lost, but in fact, you can really get a €25 fine if you get lost in these corridors. And if you take an exit to enter the metro it’s a 60 bullet fine, it hurts.

6. Taking photos or filming without permission

Askiparait, it is strictly forbidden to distribute photos or videos taken in RATP spaces without their authorization. Problem, everyone is square onion and draws his phone at the slightest animation. The day we are going to be fined 150 €, we will understand nothing.

7. Use of a sound device or instrument

It is absolutely forbidden to use an instrument or a loudspeaker in the metro, but no one seems to have been bothered by this rule. Without wanting to be embittered, it would make me laugh to see the guys who walk around with their loudspeakers getting fined.

8. The stay of a person in a state of manifest intoxication

We know that it is forbidden to be drunk on the public highway, that’s okay. But how do you come back from the bar completely cashiered if you are not allowed to take the metro? Would you rather we take the car?

Good after, I think that you avoid the fine of 150 balls if you are drunk all alone in your corner and that you do not piss off the users.

9. Deterioration of an advertisement

Considering what advertisers pay, it is not surprising to learn that it is forbidden to deface or remove advertising posters. If you want to add an inscription to the marker on a poster, remember to watch out for the controllers so as not to be relieved of 150 balls.

10. Staying in a vehicle at the terminal

Have you ever fallen asleep in the subway and not woken up at the terminus? When that happens, you get woken up by the driver and depending on his mood, he lets you go without worries or calls security to give you a fine (again 150 bucks).

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