Top 10 things that are counter-intuitive in health, not at all logical

People are used to giving toxic advice all the time, including health advice. The problem is, they don’t even know that anything they tell us to do is more likely to get us into trouble than out of luck. We’re here to fix a few of those mistakes: Here are some health tips that seem wrong because they’re counterintuitive, but will help you become demigods, no more, no less.

1. Hot drinks are recommended when it’s hot

Adding hot to hot seems slightly paradoxical, even completely wacky, but it still makes sense: drinking hot makes you sweat, which ends up regulating your body temperature. Conversely, drinking a drink that is too cold requires energy from the body to bring it back to 37°C, which ends up warming us up even more. So choose hot water if you want to feel like a fish in water. But you can also drink room temperature water if you want, as long as you drink water. Have you been told it’s okay to drink water?

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2. It is better to avoid taking cold showers when you are too hot

A bit like this story about drinking cold water when it’s hot, taking a cold shower in the middle of a heat wave is a bad idea. The cold shower will cool off instantly, but the body will produce even more heat to warm itself up. In the end, you will be even warmer than before. It’s better to take a lukewarm shower before going to drink a nice glass of lukewarm water. A lukewarm life as we like it.

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3. Diet sodas are bad for diets

At the restaurant, your friend on a diet will surely be more likely to order a diet Coke rather than an original Coke, which seems logical since one does not contain sugar while the other does. However, this is a mistake: light sodas deceive the body, which believes it is receiving a sweet product and which nevertheless secretes insulin (it’s like a Pavlov reflex). However, after this unnecessary insulin spike, the body’s sugar level is too low and the body requires sugar to counterbalance. In other words, light sodas make you want to eat a lot very quickly. Finally, the good advice, which is also quite boring, is that it is best to avoid sodas altogether, whether they are light or not. Oh yeah, life sucks.

4. Running Slow Loses More Weight Than Running Fast

The human body is made in such a way that low-paced physical activity will cause it to deplete more fat than heavy physical activity (basically). This is why we advise those who want to lose weight to do “fundamental endurance”, which means that you do not exceed 70% of your maximum heart rate. If you’re too lazy to do the math, tell yourself that if you can carry on a conversation while you’re running, you’re pretty much in the right rhythm. On the other hand, you usually have to do long running sessions, because the body only really starts to burn fat after 40-45 minutes. In short, run slowly, but run long (like 1h is good 1h).

Ps: obviously, it all depends on your physical condition. Do not run 1 hour if your knees are stewed or who knows what other disabling problem. In addition there are many other types of sport. At best, see it with a coach or a doctor.

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5. Fruit is best eaten before the rest of the meal

We tend to consider fruit as a dessert, so as something to eat at the end of a meal, but it’s a bad habit. Or, in any case, a habit that is not very beneficial for the organism. When you consume fruit after a meal, the digestive system is already overloaded by everything it has just eaten, and it does not benefit enough from the benefits of fruit. It is preferable to consume them an hour before a meal to facilitate digestion and the assimilation of vitamins and minerals. In addition, when we eat fruit before the meal, we are less hungry when we really sit down to eat, so we eat smaller quantities. So we grow less. It’s only good.

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6. If you have oily skin, you should put on moisturizer

Yeah, adding fat to fat sounds crazy, and yet that’s the way to go. The more the skin dries out, the more the skin will produce sebum and be greasy. And the more you hydrate the skin, the less sebum it will produce, and the less oily it will be. Well, it’s not about spreading 12 kilos of shea a day on your face either, but morning and evening after washing your face, that’s already not bad.

7. Washing your hair makes it dirty even faster

Same logic as in the previous point: if we wash the scalp too often hoping to have less oily hair, the scalp will produce more sebum in reaction, and therefore grease the hair. The wisest thing is to progressively space out the shampoos and to use gentle products that do not attack the skull. I promise, it will eventually work.

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8. It’s okay to wear sunscreen all year round.

We can already see you telling us that “if it’s called sunscreen, there’s a good reason”, and yet… In fact, sunscreen protects against UV rays, and there are UV rays all year round (at more or less high intensity, of course). So it is good to protect yourself all year round. In addition, generally, sun creams are also good solutions for moisturizing the skin, so it’s all good, as Vincent Lagaf said in the Bigdil.

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9. Do not exercise at night to sleep better

The explanation is very simple: sport raises body temperature. However, to pioncer, we need to lower the body temperature. You immediately see what is wrong. So even if the sport “tires” in a certain way, it is not recommended in the last 2-3 hours before bedtime if you want to have good dreams. Kind of dreams with little rabbits frolicking in nature.

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10. Coffee and tea aren’t always good for energy

What ? Coffee and tea are no longer drinks that keep us in shape? Yes, but not all the time. In fact, these two drinks disrupt the absorption of iron by the body. And iron, it serves among other things to give energy. So, if you want to give yourself a boost, you can actually drink coffee and tea, but away from meals. After having digested well, what.

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