Top 10 things that 90% of the world’s population hate, 3615 stop cilantro

While many things in life divide us, sometimes the majority of the population agrees on a few things, including things that nearly 90% of people hate and only a small percentage of people like or tolerate. It was the subject of a forum on the Reddit site and there were some good answers in the heap, I suggest you discover some of them, you will at least know which side of the scales you are on.

1. Work

“Find a job you love and you won’t work a day in your life,” said a T-shirt in a souvenir shop in the south of France. What bullshit. Nobody likes to work, at least nobody who doesn’t have a job that pays a lot and barely takes 10 hours a week. Propose to any person to receive his salary without going to work and you will see that I am right.

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2. Stump your toe

Yeah, if you think about it the majority of the population hates the feeling of vigorously smashing your toe against a piece of furniture while a small part of people who are a little masochistic may take pleasure during the mini accident.

3. Pay your taxes

Unless you work for the government or are a tax inspector yourself, chances are you are like 90% of the French: taxes are as pleasant as an abscess in the ass and cause you deep anxiety.

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4. Motorcycles and cars that make a lot of noise

Do you see that moment when someone starts their motorbike or their car that makes a noise that takes your eardrums apart and where you think internally “what an asshole”? The only person who loves this moment is the one driving his vehicle, everyone else hates it intensely and thinks that the excessively deafening noise must compensate for the smallness of something else.

5. Bad weather

We are very few to like when it rains and it’s mild, personally the sun and the heat it gives me gases and makes me particularly odious. During the heat waves I voluntarily scratch my neighbour’s car, which I quite like, moreover, all because the good weather makes me spin and there are a few of us like that.

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6. Stand in line

YES, there are people who like to queue, not many but there are. How do they like it? Where is that from ? No idea, but there must be something hidden in early childhood, a good memory at the Castorama checkout or some bullshit like that.

7. Advertising

We’re going to do a big average and say that one person in ten works in advertising or in an environment that may use advertising and is therefore more patient with this concept. So that leaves nine out of ten people who are fed up seeing their youtube video being cut off by an ad, which also makes them want to buy the product. There’s a lot of stuff we don’t know about advertising, but we all know it’s boring.

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8. Boring Kids

Unbearable children can ruin a vacation, a party, a wedding, or even a couple’s life. While most people hate boring children, only parents generally like their own little monsters. Although, sometimes they also hate them because they know how badly they have messed up their education.

9. Cilantro

This shit has taken too many lives, it’s time to ban cilantro once and for all, because it’s disgusting and useless, like polenta.

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10. Move your bank accounts to a tax haven from your yacht

It’s not so much that the activity seems boring, it’s that it concerns so few people that the others (including me) are simply jealous and prefer to yell saying “yeah tax evasion is a shame and the yachts pollute” only because they don’t have enough money.

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