Top 10 tennis tics, the key to success

We don’t give a damn about Nadal, who first touches his right ear, then his nose, then puts his underpants back on, etc. every time he gets ready to serve. It’s a pretty cool little dance to watch that we got used to. But Nadal is not the only one, a lot of tennis players and tennis players have big tics before serving, some are also really weird. Are you taken for a madman because you undo your bed to redo it every night before going to sleep? Just take a quick look at the mannerisms of these great players then.

1. Nadal and his 800 tics before each serve

Rafael Nadal is known for his many tics which make him look a bit like a dangerous patient. He himself admitted in an interview: “I put the two water bottles at my feet, in front of my chair on my left, one behind the other, diagonally towards the field”…uh it actually scares Nadal. In addition to that, he takes a specific number of steps, touches his nose, his ears, puts his hair and his underpants back on, all in a very specific order before serving.

Nadal explained these tics as ways to re-focus in his game before each service, like a little morning routine after all.

2. Maria Sharapova instinctively tucks her hair behind her ears

Maria Sharapova also has these little rituals before each of her services. The Russian scares her opponents already because she screams like a pig being slaughtered at every point, but also because before her serves she glares, systematically pulls her hair and slaps her thigh as if to restore energy. Well, we don’t really know if it works not hitting you every morning in hopes of re-energizing you.

3. Djoko and all those rebounds before serving

Something to annoy everyone, but it’s a fairly common tic among tennis players, the only problem is that Djoko abuses it a little. The Serb bounces the ball 50 times before serving, which earned him several bookings as he sometimes went over regulation time.

4. Andy Roddick, le Nadal up

We found Nadal’s cousin, the American Andy Roddick who may have as many tics as the Spaniard (we didn’t think it was possible). He puts his t-shirt back on, he has a lucky cap on, he also pulls on his underpants, in short the total and 30 minutes later he gives us one of the best services of a tennis player.

5. André Agassi does like children and does not want to walk on lines

Remember when you were a kid and refused to walk on the white lines when crossing? Well for Agassi this little game has become a tic. The American was very careful never to step on the white lines at each change of side, he was careful that everyone was in their place before serving (the ball boys in particular). A little psychorigid the little one.

6. Bartoli and his blows in the wind

The French Marion Bartoli surely has a small problem of superstition, like many athletes. Bartoli, before each service of his opponents, makes forehands and backhands in the void, you can imagine that it’s not for training, it’s a little too late at that point, but more for re-focus.

7. Marat Safin, the tic of blowing his rackets

A bit more boring when you’re a tennis player, it’s breaking rackets at all costs.

The Russian has broken about 700 in his career, at this stage we can legitimately say that the guy has a little problem with his nerves. Yoga is good too otherwise.

8. Richard Gasquet, a bit superstitious too

We will think that the French are superstitious, but that is not totally false. Like Bartoli, Gasquet has his little lucky quirks, for example he usually asks to retrieve the ball from the winning point, in the hope that it will bring him luck again. During the matches, he spins his racquet several times on itself, a way to de-stress a little.

9. Arnaud Clément also had his little favorite objects

Like the American Roddick and his cap, Arnaud Clément could not play a match without his favorite bandana, which he put back in place several times per match. It gave him a little pirate air, we validate.

10. And the youngest, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

He always shared a Kinder Bueno before games with his opponent in hopes of passing on salmonella. That’s not pretty.

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