Top 10 stars who snore much too loudly, we know that’s all


I conducted my investigation for many months in the middle of the jet set and here are the results: some stars that you know very well snore. But they snore very well. I know, it’s hard to imagine, and maybe even harder to accept, but that’s how it is. Here is the list of celebrities who snore the most. Unfortunately, the evidence will not be published in this article because I have to protect my sources.

1. Robert DeNiro

His type of snoring : I unofficially obtained documents which allowed me to discover that Robert’s snoring had been measured with peaks of up to 109 decibels. Everyone who shares his bed is required to wear a protective helmet. Scary.

De niro

2. Sophie Marceau

His type of snoring : According to reliable sources (a neighbor of the building who is a little too talkative), the snoring of the actress shakes all the walls of the apartment and would have already required the intervention of the police. We would never have imagined that.

Sophie marceau

3. Fabrice Luchini

His type of snoring : Fabrice produces high-pitched snores interspersed with verses taken from Fables of the fountain. It’s quite nice for those who love literature, but much less for lovers of quality sleep.

Fabrice luchini

4. Of

His type of snoring : Despite its small size, Tal’s snoring causes infrabass felt 1300km away. They would be responsible for several avalanches in the Alps having caused the death of a dozen hikers. It’s shocking.


5. SCH

His type of snoring : The continuous breeze that comes out of his mouth when he sleeps immediately goes to his hair, which allows him to have a perfect straightening permanently (and not permanently otherwise his hair would be curly). Well, now you know his secret.


6. Nicolas Sarkozy

His type of snoring : It is a snore involved in several legal cases but which always escapes the prison thanks to very good lawyers. The worst snoring.


7. Gerard Depardieu

His type of snoring : Do you smell a faint smell of red wine in your room when you sleep with the window open? This is a sign that Gerard is less than 5km from you and that he is sleeping like a baby.


8. Marine Le Pen

His type of snoring : A snoring that only comes out of the right nostril (Le Pen) and prefers to accuse its neighbour. The kind of snoring you wouldn’t want in your bedroom in 1940.

Marine le pen

9. Enrico Macias

His type of snoring : When he sleeps soundly, Enrico emits songful and sunny snores which can liven up any Bar Mitzvah. It is a true gift of Nature.

Enrico macias

10. Charlize Theron

His type of snoring : Charlize snores so loudly that one day, while she was sleeping facing the ocean in California, she caused a tsunami in Japan. Since then, it is strictly forbidden by law to rent a deckchair to Charlize Theron. Too bad for her, but so much the better for the Japanese.


If all this shocked you, then wait until you see the stars smelling your feet, you’ll fall out of your chair, even if you’re sitting on a couch or lying in bed.

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