Top 10 stars who regretted a tattoo, it’s a shame

It’s not just the average person who gets the worst tattoos on earth and then regrets them. The stars also go through it. And the problem for them is that there are always hundreds of (dirty) photographers around them and millions of (not very nice) people to remind them that they have bad stuff engraved in their skin . It makes regret a little more painful.

1. Angelina Jolie and her ex’s tattoo

Long ago, Angelina was in a relationship with actor and director Billy Bob Thornton. Like a lot of people in love who get a bit silly, she got her name tattooed on her shoulder: a big “Billy Bob” with a dragon underneath. Not phew. Since the breakup, she’s had the tattoo lasered off and replaced with her kids’ birth coordinates. It’s not prettier, but there’s little chance that she will divorce them.

2. Ariana Grande had a ridiculous tattoo on her hand

In 2019, Ariana Grande proudly shared her new tattoo with her fans. She wanted to tattoo “7 rings” the name of one of her songs, in Japanese on the palm of her hand. Problem, there was a translation error, and Japanese-speaking fans pointed out to him that his tattoo translated rather “Japanese barbecue”. Not great, especially considering that Ariana is vegan. Following this failure, the singer had her tattoo retouched by adding a symbol to it. Second fail, since the new tattoo meant “Japanese barbecue finger”. In short, before getting a tattoo of something in another language, it is better to be sure of the translation.

3. Ryan Reynolds regrets all his tattoos

He said it: he regrets ALL of them. But he doesn’t have them all lasered out because he’s too lazy to spend hours suffering for it. It’s stupid, but anyway his tattoos are all well hidden under his clothes, so we’ll just put a photo of him too cute with a dog.

4. Mr. Pokora had his neck tattoo removed

When our national Matt Pokora became famous, he had a tattoo on his neck, but, growing up, it ended up getting him drunk. He got tired of seeing it in every photo, and worse, of seeing the same kind of tattoo on everyone. Suddenly, he had it removed and can now concentrate on his deep texts so that we can continue to make quotes from M Pokora.

5. Heidi Klum

Until 2012, Heidi Klum was married to singer Seal, and she had his name tattooed on her forearm for their fourth wedding anniversary. Big mistake, since we all know that most marriages fall through. Okay, just half. In any case, it was the case for Heidi and Klum, and the model had to have the “Seal” removed from her arm. Either way, the tattoo wasn’t good jojo, so it’s not a huge loss.

Heidi 1

6. Pamela Anderson thought her tattoo had become disgusting

For movie purposes Barb Wire (if you haven’t seen it, it’s REALLY okay) Pamela must have had a fake barbed wire tattoo on her arm. Only, she was too lazy to redo the drawing every day, so she decided to get it tattooed for real instead. But, over the years, the tattoo has aged badly, and the actress preferred to have it removed by laser. Morality: do not get a tattoo if you plan to get old. No, it’s a weird morality actually.

Pamela anderson barb wire
Shutterstock 1437899255 1

7. Eva Longoria had her tattoos removed from Tony Parker

Tony and Eva’s marriage was a goal for a lot of people for a long time, but it too ended up coming to an end. The problem is that Eva had two tattoos related to Tony: the date of their marriage, and a “Nine” (the number of the jersey of the basketball player) in the back of the neck. She managed to have them removed but told in an interview that the pain of the laser was ten times stronger than that of the needle. It doesn’t make you want to screw up.

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8. Jessie J misspelled her tattoo.

At 18, the singer had the lyrics of one of her songs tattooed on her right hip, but she shamefully missed it because instead of writing « Don’t lose who you are »she registered « Don’t loose who you are ». But, even before getting trolled by her fans, Jessie J admitted her mistake and explained that she would be wearing high-waisted pants while waiting to have them removed. It’s still very stupid.

9. Demi Lovato no longer liked her ugly tattoo

Sometimes the explanation for a tattoo regret is quite simple. This is the case for Demi Lovato since she had an ugly tattoo of lips on the inside of her wrist and she couldn’t see it anymore. Now, instead, she has two big, slightly more stylish roses.

10. Pharrell Williams definitely wanted to try a skin graft

The eternally young star that is Pharrell Williams still ages in his head since, growing up, he realized that his flame tattoos on his arms had become a little ridiculous. But instead of having them removed by laser, Pharrell actually wanted to grow skin in the lab to graft onto his arms. A slightly weird delirium that ended up passing him by; he regained his sanity and took laser sessions like everyone else. It’s wiser.

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