Top 10 stars who refuse photos and autographs, we understand them

We know that stars are very lucky to be rich, famous and adored by everyone, but for nothing in the world would I want to be in their shoes. After being harassed, even tracked, by fans as reckless as paparazzi, some celebrities have decided to stop posing for fan photos or signing autographs. After reading this top, you will better understand why.

1. Bryan Cranston stopped signing autographs for good in 2018

Bryan Cranston became world famous in 2000 thanks to the series Malcolm and has signed autographs for fans his entire career. In 2018, however, he decided to stop out of weariness of this chain work that had become ridiculous.

2. Emma Watson doesn’t want the whole world to know where she is

Emma Watson is a very popular actress and when someone posts a photo with her in an Instagram story, there is a risk that a crowd of fans will turn up in the minute. It is for her safety that the actress has stopped taking pictures in the street, she does not want everyone to know her whereabouts.

3. Justin Bieber can’t stand being treated like a freak anymore

In 2016, Justin Bieber made an Instagram post warning his fans that he was no longer accepting photos. He justifies this choice by stating that he is fed up with people who treat him like a freak and take pictures without his consent, sometimes without even saying hello.

4. Jennifer Lawrence wants to minimize her online presence to preserve her privacy

Jennifer Lawrence is not on social networks to preserve her privacy as much as possible and it is for the same reason that she refuses photos and selfies: she knows very well that they will end up on Instagram and she does not don’t like that.

5. Chris Pratt doesn’t like people who brag about having a picture of him.

If the actor doesn’t like taking photos with fans, it’s because he knows those selfies will only be used to show off to their friends. What he hates even more are people taking pictures of him on the sly or by surprise; it’s definitely unpleasant.

6. Joaquin Phoenix can’t stand selfies

Unlike other actors, Joaquin Phoenix agrees to sign autographs but refuses to pose for selfies; he just doesn’t understand the point and prefers to have a quick chat with a fan.

7. Shailene Woodley doesn’t understand the point of street selfies.

The movie star Divergent et Our opposite stars quickly gained international notoriety in 2014. She is happy to take pictures with fans when she is working, at a ceremony or a convention for example, but she does not understand the point of talking to a star in the street who is just walking or shopping.

8. Amy Schumer was harassed on the street for a photo.

Amy Schumer refused selfies and interactions with fans for a long time after being harassed and chased down the street for a photo. People have no limits.

9. Billie Eilish is fed up with her autographs being sold.

Very often, the autographs signed by Billie Eilish ended up for sale on the internet and the singer was fed up. Now she’d rather take the time to chat with a few fans than sign a piece of paper.

10. Maisie Williams doesn’t want to be told what to do

Maisie Williams has said several times that she regularly turns down photos when she doesn’t feel like it, and she’s right. She clarified that she owed nothing to anyone and certainly not a photo.

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