Top 10 stars who lied in their song lyrics

There are plenty of song lyrics that have aged badly and you don’t necessarily realize it if you don’t analyze them with great care. Luckily, we’re here to do it for you because you have to pay us for something. I hope you’re ready to discover all those songs in which the artists shamelessly lied to us.

1. “And I swear that I don’t have a gun” – Kurt Cobain

In the song Come as you are, Kurt Cobain swears on the life of his daronne that he does not have a weapon. Does that mean it wasn’t his gun that killed him? Would that be murder?? We can reopen the case guys, Kurt wouldn’t lie to us like that.

2. “You are the one thing, one thing I’m living for” – Adam Levine

In the song Sugar of the Maroon Five, Adam Levine talks about love and silliness, saying he just wants to spend his days with the loved one. His wife must have been delighted at the time to hear him say that she was the only thing that kept him going. It’s very sad when you realize that he cheated on her and planned to give the name of his mistress to his offspring.

3. “It’s alright, I’m not dangerous” – Chris Brown

In his song Fine China released in 2013, Chris Brown has the audacity to say “everything is fine, I’m not dangerous”. HA HA HA we don’t really believe it Chris, unless it’s not dangerous for you to beat up women and threaten people with a weapon.

4. “I’ma be happy, happy, won’t get no crying from me” – Ariana Grande

Some time after her breakup with Mac Miller, Ariana Grande gets in a relationship with comedian Pete Davidson and even dedicates a song to him. The lyrics of Pete Davidson are clear: she is happy and nothing will ever make her cry again. It was a somewhat premature promise since, bad luck, Mac Miller died a month later. It’s hard not to whine.

5. “But the drugs won’t hurt me” – Juice Wrld

In his song Hurt Me, the late Juice WRLD said, “Picks and rocks may break my bones but drugs won’t hurt me.” Ouch. He obviously couldn’t have guessed that he was going to claim an overdose a year later but it was still a bit of a presumptuous assertion. We can indeed speak of false words my dear Watson.

6. “I love her to death” – Francis Cabrel

In this song, Francis Cabrel shouted from the rooftops that he loved this woman to the point of dying for her. Except that, until proven otherwise, the guy is still alive even though the song was released more than forty years ago. Well done empty promises.

7. “Girl you know it’s true” – Milli Vanilli

In this song, the duo Milli Vanilli shouts to whoever wants to hear it “Girl you know it’s true” or “girl, you know that it’s true”. But how can you believe them when even their voices weren’t true? Throughout their career, the band did playback and used the vocals of other artists. Nice lie.

8. “Please don’t stop the music” – Rihanna

In 2007, Rihanna sang with rage Please don’t stop the music and we were far from imagining that she was indeed going to STOP THE MUSIC for six fucking years. Six years is a long time when you love someone with all your soul. Luckily, Rihanna finally announced her big comeback and fans vomited tears of emotion.

9. “You know my hips don’t lie” – Shakira

We know that Shakira’s hips don’t lie since we haven’t heard anything else in the evening since 2005. If her hips don’t lie, it means that they know a lot of things… However, they don’t didn’t tell Shakira that her boyfriend was cheating on her. Little liars hips.

10. “We da best music” – DJ Khaled

At the beginning of all his songs, DJ Khaled allows himself to shout “We da best music”. Yeah. Can we talk about lying according to you?

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